What is the GRRRL 20:20 project?

The GRRRL 20:20 project is a series of 40 initiatives and campaigns that we are introducing before and during 2020 to help improve how women see themselves and how the world sees women.

It will involve outreach, engagement and lobbying to try to effect real and lasting change in our societies to lift up the female energy, in all corners of the globe.

And we would love for you to join us.


Why 2020?

We’ve chosen 2020 for our campaign because it’s NOW. And that’s when we want to see real change. But also, because 2020 coincides with a number of once in a lifetime events and dates that we think can become a rally cry for women around the world to rise up together and elevate the standing of women in communities around the world.

2020 vision is a term used for perfect vision…. but sadly women’s vision of themselves is way way short of perfect.

We created GRRRL and the GRRRLARMY came together as a result of strong women around the world that saw the need to lift each other up and create a better future for the next generation of female leaders than the one we and many of us experienced ourselves.

It’s also 100 years since the 19th amendment was passed allowing some women the ability to vote. And is seen as the first step in our 100 year old battle for equality for all women.


Why do we care?

There is no doubt in our minds that the world needs a much stronger female influence.

Women, even today, are just too busy trying to merely survive. Forever trying to find a way to be “good enough”. And being told the lie from birth by society that our worth is somehow equated to our exterior and how we ‘look’.
To be their best women need to be free from the things that hold them back. So, we believe, our role as GRRRL is to work tirelessly to remove the barriers that prevent the women who have the power to change the world… from changing the world. The 2020 project is a series of activities, campaigns and lobbying to help improve how women seee themselves and how the world see women.

We want to kick open the doors that exclude women on the grounds of color, beliefs, body type, ability or sexuality and provide an environment for women to realise their potential and help the world move into a new age. An age where acceptance and non-judgment is the new black, and Sisterhood is the new reality.


Why does action matter?

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 1 in 5 teenage girls will experience depression before they reach adulthood
  • 40% of 3 year old girls are unhappy with their body
  • 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members.
  • Over 70 percent of girls age 14 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school, when they feel bad about their looks.
  • Eating disorders are the 3rd most common chronic illness in young females.
  • Self harm hospital admissions have grown by over 68% in the last ten years, with teenage girls fifty percent more likely to self harm than teenage boys.
  • The incidence of eating disorders has DOUBLED in the last ten years.
  • 75 percent of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating.

The transition between adolescence and adulthood, is fraught with danger. Schools don’t cover the issues in their curriculum, often teens can’t talk to their parents, and the medical profession don’t have the tools to help. There is literally nowhere for these young women to turn. Except their peers who are struggling to make sense of this for themselves.

So, while our societal problems grow at an alarming rate, the resources to support them have not kept pace; don’t provide appropriate support; or aren’t being used by girls themselves.

  • 60% of young girls have never told their parents they had been bullied online or at school.
  • 3 in 4 young people don’t know where to turn to talk about self-harm.
  • A third of parents would not seek professional help if their child was self-harming.
  • Almost half GPs feel that they don’t understand young people who self-harm and their motivations.
  • 2 in 3 teachers don’t know what to say to young people who self-harm.

We firmly believe that change for our next generation:

  1. Starts with us
  2. Starts today


How can you get involved?

THE SELF LOVE SUCCESS ACADEMY We have made a video and workbook series – the self love success academy that is free and available to everyone. You can find it here. And please feel free to share it with anyone that you think would like the tools we have built, based not only on our experience but building on many years of research by academics worldwide.

THE GRRRL PROJECT we began a project this year that will roll out throughout 2020, bringing the tools for self awareness and improving body image through a certified program of training. You will find more information on how to get involved through our newlsetter program which you can sign up for here.

CAMPAIGNS, LOBBYING AND ACTIVATION follow us on instagram and facebook for the latest on local and national campaigns and how you can get involved.