We are GRRRL and It’s time to change the game.

Here are the promises we make to our customers and society, that we want to be held accountable for:

1. We stand to celebrate, admire and appreciate ALL body types. We stand to erase the dogma that our worth is equated to our exterior. And, that being anything other than a size extra small is an abnormality.

2. We vow to employ honesty in our advertising and allow our models the option of wearing makeup or wearing their soul. It’s their choice not ours. It is our STRONG belief that a woman has 100% of the decision making power over how she looks.

3. We will NEVER ever photoshop images of our athletes or models in our advertising or on our website. Whilst we may photoshop a tag sticking out or put a logo on a background – we will NEVER EVER airbrush, photoshop or otherwise manipulate what other companies and media outlets see as “imperfections”. Women are perfection already. Period. We believe women have more important things to worry about than conforming to media stereotypes of what they should or should NOT look like. For too long the fashion industry has misled women about how other women look. Our athletes come from all walks of life and represent everything that is powerful and amazing about female beauty. And we will never resort to using computer programs to make them look different, just so we can sell a few more T shirts or pairs of pants.

4, We are GRRRL: Independent. Strong. And sometimes borderline aggressive. May you hear the GRRR in our name, and undoubtedly know that this is our force by nature: To protect and attack for our pack. Our hood. Sometimes our language might get a bit passionate or offensive to some people. Just because we care so much. (But we do have a swear jar. And for every GRRRL that complains about our language we will give $5 to our two charity beneficiaries).

5. We are for the GRRRL Sisterhood: All for one and one for all. We will raise up and celebrate everything great about being a woman, and use our position not just to celebrate the great things but to also make a difference in the world.

That’s why we give 10% of profits made each year to two selected charity partners.

And if that ain’t enough, see what we’re talking about here.


We believe it’s simply because women don’t have anywhere near a big enough say in how shit happens.

We exist to unite women, to re-energize women and in doing so, we believe we will create a better planet.

Because the world needs a much stronger female influence.

We live in a crazy world, where on the one hand women are being sold as sex slaves, and not allowed access to education in some developing countries. And on the other, so-called developed countries are conditioning women on the ideology that sex sells, and an education is useless….

Women are just too busy trying to merely survive. Forever trying to find a way to be “good enough”.

But we have so much more to offer than that.

The world is sadly lacking our capabilities for nurturing and caring, for compassion and love.

We want to break the cycle of competition, smash the fake realities of photoshop, and move into a new age. An age where acceptance and non-judgment is the new black, and Sisterhood is the new obama.