As we round the final 3 days before GO TIME, final preparations have been put in place.

-Checking the weather and water temps for the 7-days of the swim

-Figuring out logistics- where to meet for the start, where to meet for the finish

-Solidifying my week nutritional plan (what works for breakfast, pre swim, post swim, and dinner)

-Solidifying my week during-swim nutritional plan- which alternations of drinks/food to use and when

-Practicing chugging water every 30 minutes to simulate feeds (and making sure I am used to taking in 8 ounces in a short period of time).

-Making sure I packed everything I need, from anti-inflammatory supplements to vaseline, to food I’m familiar with, to swim suits, extra caps, goggles, earplugs etc.

-Having group meetings to make sure everyone is clear what their roles are

-Keeping in touch with my sponsors

-Making sure I am maintaining the 10 lbs I have had to gain for this swim (for insulation as well as a calorie reserve). As well as making sure I stick with the same nutritional plan that I have been for the past month (protein, carbs, healthy fats, no heavy sugars, no alcohol).

-Meeting with my PT Andy Cannon from Northeast Rehab to keep my body loose, rested, and aligned.

-Thanking the many people who have helped me on this journey…and in life!

This week it has been crucial to not try anything new. Sometimes something as silly as using a new shampoo could cause an allergic reaction, which would be incredibly inconvenient. Or even something like deciding to go bowling with friends can cause excess strain from new muscle movement. So needless to say, I’ve been keeping it very low key, very basic.

In addition, I’ve been in contact with the event directors: Rondi Davies and David Barra, who have been so dedicated and helpful answering all my questions. I can’t even imagine putting on an event of this magnitude, but they somehow do, and I can only be amazed at their abilities. They are awesome, I’m so grateful for them.

The mental component is crucial this week. It’s important to keep a positive outlook, remind yourself of what you’ve done to get to this point, and be grateful for such an incredible opportunity to challenge and test myself. When it comes down to it, I have nothing to loose. I have an incredible and historic opportunity in front of me and I’m training because I’ve been given the opportunity, not because I have to do it. You have to enjoy the ride. All the twists and turns. Doing these swims doesn’t make you a “good” or “bad” person, its something I enjoy doing and I’m excited for it!!!! I’ll be bringing some Boston into the Hudson River.

As my Coach Kim Bierwert told me, “swim with the water, relax and have fun”!

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