GRRRL Talk with Josie Stanford


Hey everyone!  GRRRL Clothing is nothing without you. The history of this amazing brand starts with your personal GRRRL story! I am making it my mission to share your stories by featuring one special GRRRL each month!  Lets see what Josie had to say in this edition of #GRRRLTALK.


SPUNKY: How did you discover GRRRL?

JOSIE: Randomly on FB! I came across a few of Kortney’s videos and the rest is history. I Joined immediately after that.

SPUNKY: What made you want to become part of this movement?

JOSIE: The realness! Women being strong and standing up for unity. There is a collectiveness amongst the ladies, although we may believe different things and come from different backgrounds we are all one, and we stand as one.

SPUNKY: What was the first thing you wore?

JOSIE: Unfortunately I am a clothesless GRRRL! Life is a very big budget, but hopefully I might be able to grace my body with some of the amazing items soon. I have my eye on a few!

SPUNKY: How did finding GRRRL change your life?

JOSIE: I went through a pretty horrific time earlier this year, and not once did I feel alone.In our closed Facebook group my grief questions were answered with love and sympathy, and when I needed a laugh there was always something there. I’m a SHW powerlifter in NZ, and I’ve never really felt out of place.  Being a part of GRRRL helped me realise that my quirks and interests were mine, and they are what makes me who I am. I also became a lot more picky about who I spend my time with, and who takes up my energy. My energy is precious!

SPUNKY: What would you say to other women out there right now, what do you think they need to hear?

JOSIE: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Seek the support you need, and let people know if you need them. Life is a great big adventure, and there are so many ups and downs, but you don’t need to fly it alone.


Keep walking that GRRRL walk and talking that GRRRL talk



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