Start your days with invigorating workouts suited to all levels and abilities to get the blood pumping. Then, join some of the world’s best female empowerment speakers on center stage where they share their wisdom, knowledge, and stories to help you experience and learn:
  • Branding yourself and co-creating with powerful women.
  • Expanding your network to achieve limitless possibilities!
  • Effective communication skills- become assertive and say “no”, find your voice and step into your power! Avoid resentments, demand respect, and ditch guilt and remorse!
  • Be apart of the solution & make her-story: Understanding white privilege, transgender 101 & participate in panel discussions. Help move humanity forward into a space of love: The future is GRRRL!
  • Develop self love and body confidence.
  • Breakthrough (literally) barriers and limiting self beliefs to LOVE yourself!
  • Create new habits and communication tools to diminish and lessen anxiety, depression and fear.

GRRRL:Live offers you the chance to drill down into stuff that really interests you with daily workshops- whether that’s nutrition, self-development skills or learning how to move. We’ve got topics for everyone that will help you grow and stop holding yourself back.

We’ve got a jam packed program of amazing speakers, workshops, and events that will change your life!  Come meet your fellow GRRRL Army members and feel the incredible support of the sisterhood in person as you get the tools you need to transform your life, find your purpose and pursue your dreams.



“This is an investment… Ladies this truly will be the best money you ever invested in yourself. Being surrounded by like-minded women was a beautiful experience. I feel so changed by this experience I can’t thank Kortney and GRRRL enough. I love you all!”


“This WAS/IS a life-changing event for me and I can’t thank y’all enough! I got to meet grrrls I’ve been talking to for a while face to face and interact with people who truly GET ME!! I got to learn so much about myself and I’m still trying to figure it all out! I will make it to 2018! Hope to see ya’ll there!”

– KP

“Soooo damn happy you have this option! GRRRL Live was life changing. It made me look at things so differently. Made me self-reflect… see even more beauty in other Grrrls… I am a better Grrrl because of it. Can’t wait for next year!!!”


“The majority of my life is spent in the company of men. Home. Gym. Social circle. I don’t have many women friends because I don’t like the way they treat each other. My faith in Women has been completely restored by attending this event. Now I know I just needed to find the RIGHT Women. And GRRRLs are absolutely the RIGHT Women! Nothing (certainly not money) could keep me away from this event!”


“The truth is, one month on and I still can’t find the words to explain GRRRL Live! Apart from becoming a mother this was by far the most instantly life changing journey I’ve been on! I’m so grateful my 14 year old daughter was there because since being home, her growth is so obvious and she’s talking more than ever about herself, her struggles and her growth!! If I was asked to recommend one MUST in life GRRRL Live would be it!!”

–Cassandra Cuskelly



Start your days with an invigorating workout suited to all levels and abilities to get the blood pumping. Then, join some of the world’s best female empowerment speakers on center stage where they share their wisdom, knowledge, and stories to help you experience and learn:

  • Freedom from food addiction and other addictions with practical application and immediate results!
  • Branding yourself and co-creating with powerful women.
  • Expanding your network to achieve limitless possibilities!
  • Effective communication skills- become assertive and say “no”, find your voice and step into your power! Avoid resentments, demand respect, and ditch guilt and remorse!
  • Be apart of the solution & make herstory: Understanding white privilege, transgender 101 & participate in panel discussions. Help move humanity forward into a space of love: The future is GRRRL!
  • Develop self love and body confidence.
  • Breakthrough (literally) barriers and limiting self beliefs to LOVE yourself!
  • Create new habits and communication tools to diminish and lessen anxiety, depression and fear.

If that’s not enough, both days of GRRRL:Live offers you the chance to drill down into stuff that really interests you with daily workshops- whether that’s nutrition, self-development skills or learning how to move. We’ve got topics for everyone that will help you grow and stop holding yourself back.

Both nights will have optional fun events that will leave you laughing, crying and growing beyond measure with your fellow grrrls.

For those of you with teens and tweens, GRRRL:Live is suitable for ages 11 and up with a specific session on Sunday afternoon with our MFCEO “KO” speaking directly to the future members of the GRRRL Army.

Single Dads and male guardians; don’t be discouraged; we’ve arranged a great chaperone system so that your NextGen grrrl can get the benefit of this life changing weekend.

All of this for only $279USD



POOL PARTY - April 27th

The pool party is exclusive GRRRL territory! We’ve taken over the Hideaway Pool & Lounge on the second floor of the Golden Nugget, and from 7-10pm we’ll be pre-bonding! Ticket price includes entry, 2 drinks, and food. (And probably some polaroids!) If you have social anxiety and coming alone, don’t worry- we do too! It’ll only take you a few minutes to get settled right in and feel at home with your sisters.

<a class=”vc_general vc_btn3 vc_btn3-size-md vc_btn3-shape-square vc_btn3-style-flat vc_btn3-icon-left vc_btn3-color-warning” title=”” href=”/product/pool-party-grrrllive-2018/”><i class=”vc_btn3-icon fa fa-ticket”></i> ADD TO CART</a>

GA - April 28-29th

The General Admission includes your incredible surprise swag bag, access to workouts, all general sessions of keynote speakers and activities, 1 workshop each day, and access to events both days (competitions Saturday, and grrrl + grrrl wedding Sunday). Does not include access to the Pool Party Friday night unless an Early Bird ticket was purchased prior to October 31st, 2017.


VIG - April 28-28th

Includes everything in GA,+ access to Pool Party Friday night, VIG 5-course sit down dinner with Rose Namajumas and MFCEO KO Saturday night as well as the red carpet/black tie event, the premier of the documentary GRRRL. VIG ticket holders receive an upgraded swag bag, and early access to seating to general sessions.


OG - April 28-30th

Includes everything in GA, access to Pool Party Friday night, red carpet/black tie event, the premier of the documentary GRRRL. OG ticket holders receive an upgraded swag bag, and early access to seating to general sessions.

OG ticket includes an incredibly special, intimate day session on Monday where you’ll:

  • partake in a solo boudoir, professional photoshoot (includes 1 finished image without the use of airbrush)
  • self exploration seminar series with Felicia Searcy where you learn to create and manifest through universal laws to create your dream life
  • axe throwing private party @ Axehole
  • catered lunch





Lighting The Future Through Sisterhood

Sisterhood may not be the first thing you think your yearning for but it’s running deep within your veins.

Tiffany Scott shares why sisterhood is the key to world change and how YOU will play a part in the next millennial of the feminine rising.

Tiffany charters a new course into virgin territory. She’s coming for YOU. Along with a tidal wave of positivity, fun and general good vibes, she’s gearing up to teach you the secrets to your success through sisterhood. You hold the KEY, but she’s here to EMPOWER you to unlock it and take the next steps.

Based in Austin Texas, the Australian native honed her skills working for powerhouse international brands, names as iconic as Speedo and now works with leading edge female entrepreneurs. She has proved that there is no challenge too great and that it’s all about attitude. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS!

Tiffany helps entrepreneurs around the globe to connect with their uniqueness and build communities through sisterhood so every woman can feel powerful.

The common factor? Everything she does is with SOUL.



Intersectional Feminism & Understanding Oppression

Maritza’s keynote and panel discussion are vital for furthering our bonds as women.  Being able to show up for one another, and be fully present, are the keys to our success.

Learning and understanding

  • what terms like CIS & white privilege mean
  • how and why women have been oppressed
  • the importance of listening to understand opposed to listening to be right

Maritza Schäfer is a bilingual (Spanish) and multi-cultural communications consultant working with tech startups, government agencies, not-for-profits and other organizations and individuals looking to improve their impact. She helps her clients clarify their goals, discover their visions, and create strategies to achieve them by improving internal communications processes and designing external communications campaigns. Her work includes articulating compelling stories and engaging messages, and embedding them in effective communications strategies.

She previously worked in the non-profit sector, most recently as Global Campaign Leader for Oceans at Greenpeace International, where she focused on engagement and outreach strategies to build a diverse and inclusive movement for people and nature. A Spanish bilingual communications expert, Maritza has over 20 years of experience creating successful engagement strategies and mobilization campaigns. She is currently based in San Francisco.



Freedom from Food Addiction

For nearly a decade, Debbie Lichter has helped women worldwide get free from addictions, obsessions and self-sabotaging patterns so they can stop holding back and be authentically all of themselves. As a freedom from addiction expert, congruence coach and embodiment expert, who worked for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine Internationally, Debbie navigated her own path to freedom from food and drug addiction, codependency, severe anxiety and self doubt, and today combines 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with her unique, fiercely compassionate approach to helping women get free – so that they too can have lasting freedom. Debbie has conducted over 200 classes, workshops and trainings in the areas of addiction, spirituality and self care and has reached thousands of women with her message of freedom, hope and healing  through her programs, speaking engagements, retreats and mentoring.



Nurtured Heart Facilitator, BA

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a systematic way of seeing and reflecting the beauty of a child’s character in a way that inspires them to live in greatness. NHA consists of three main ‘Stands’ that are achieved entirely through relationship: (1) Refusing to energize or reward negativity; (2) Creating and energizing pervasive and positive experiences of personal success; and (3) Providing a perfect level of limit-setting and consequences.

Through consistently nurturing interactions, children experience themselves as positive influences, making thoughtful choices and possessing excellent character traits. Such interactions help children to awaken to who they really are: a person possessing abundant Inner Wealth and who has great things to contribute.

Although The Nurtured Heart Approach was created mostly to help us work with children it has evolved into a method that works within ALL of our relationships. In our context specifically, we will be looking at how we can use this approach within ourselves, to promote positive energy flow and appreciation for our specific qualities, thus building our own Inner Wealth.  We will also be looking at how we can use this approach with each in order to empower each other as women, appreciate our similarities and differences as we are all unique and should celebrated and support each other instead of seeing each other as competition.  Thus helping us to build Inner Wealth in each other and work alongside our sisters to form a powerful relationship ignited in positive energy flow and relationship.

Andrea Parker has worked with children and families for 25 years.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona, she continued her work within  the Child Welfare System in efforts to help keep children safe.  A majority of her career has been working with foster children who have experienced trauma by way of abuse and neglect.  Along the way she discovered her true love, which is teaching parents how to deal with their children with behaviors issues while also supporting them and letting them know they are not alone, assisting them in finding the right tools for success. In her current position she works with Children’s Success Foundation to promote The Nurtured Heart Approach throughout the world.  Through the Nurtured Heart Approach she has learned not only to help parents nurture their children by celebrating success and building Inner Wealth, but also how we can use this approach to nurture ourselves and each other and build strong and lasting bonds that last a lifetime.



The Body Project: Body Positivity

Imagine a world where all Grrrls feel free to simply live in their bodies and act: a world that facilitates Grrrls’ ability to maximize our functionality and turn our dreams into reality. Imagine a world that doesn’t indoctrinate us to hate our bodies and view them as enemies because they fail to conform to some narrowly defined ideal of female beauty: a world that doesn’t ask us to constantly view our bodies as sexual objects. The aim of this interactive session is to begin to introduce participants to a growing global body image village that blends the best of body image science with community activism to collectively transform the world as we know it. Grrrls will begin to explore some of the strategies employed by the scientifically supported Body Project and learn that it is possible to move our current world in a more positive direction. Together we can create a global revolution.

Dr. Carolyn Black Becker is a Professor of Psychology at Trinity University and a board certified, licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in body image interventions in addition to treatment/prevention of eating disorders and treatment of PTSD. She also is Co-Director of the Body Project Collaborative, a social entrepreneurship company which she co-founded to support dissemination of the evidence-based Body Project.

Dr. Becker’s work primarily focuses on the dissemination and implementation of scientifically-supported interventions in clinical/real world settings. This includes 10 years of NIMH-funded research with female athletes. Dr. Becker is a Fellow of both the Academy of Eating Disorders (AED) and the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. She also is a past president of the AED, and a past associate editor of Behaviour Research and Therapy. In 2009, she was a co-recipient of the AED’s Research- Practice Partnership Award for her work in disseminating the Body Project.

Dr. Becker also was the 2009 recipient of the Lori Irving Award for Excellence in Eating Disorders Prevention and Awareness granted by the National Eating Disorders Association, a Body Project partner organization. From 2011-2012, she was honored to be a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. In 2012 she received the Z.T. Scott Faculty Fellowship award for outstanding teaching and advising at Trinity University. In 2017 she was named a Piper Professor by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation in recognition of outstanding scholarly and academic achievement.




Back for the second year in a row, Inspirational Eve has been named one of the most inspirational weight-loss stories by Huffington Post. The truly impressive part of her story is how she learned how to free herself from physical and mental prison she lived in. Finding our freedom is nearly impossible when we seek it externally. Learn how to harness your inner personal grrrl power and break free of limiting beliefs and fear through a highly creative and fun art therapy experience. In 1 hour you will gain tools on how to break free of a limiting belief about yourself, meet one of our biggest fears, breakthrough it and leave feeling like an empowered badass!

Inspirational Eve (Eve Parker) has been named one of the most inspirational weight-loss stories by Huffington Post.  Eve is a nationally known life coach, a long-term weight loss maintainer,  creator of Body Logs, co-creator of the weight loss program, Discovery Dyet, co-author of Organizes Obstacles and a self-love scholar. From releasing 150 pounds and keeping it off for 8 years, to helping women all around the world adapt a self-love mindset, Eve knows the ebb and flow of transformation.



Breakthrough limiting beliefs and barriers

You have achieved as much success as your current mindset will allow.  If you want to get more, give more or live more AND build your business around your life instead of the other way around then it’s time to breakthrough the limiting beliefs that are keeping you where you are.  In this presentation, you will learn the simple steps to move into your power and experience the dream you dare to dream.

  • Each participant will be able to articulate the next level of success that they desire; what it looks like and what it feels like.

Attendees will identify the “chief obstacle” that stands between them and their next level of success.

  • Each person will learn a simple plan on how to deal with fear.

An often overlooked, yet significant benefit of this exercise is the incredible bonding that inevitably happens as everyone encourages each other, demonstrating how we can all work together to each one succeed.

  • Each participant will walk away with their broken board as a souvenir reminder of their new claimed power.

Mel is an international bestselling author, speaker, radio host and mentor who has taught thousands of folks how to love themselves lean, fit and healthy. Her Self Mastery System empowers hungry leaders and passionate entrepreneurs to create the life they want, in a body they love, so they can go out and change the world.

Overcoming challenges in her own life including bullying, bulimia, domestic abuse and life as a single mom, Master Mel uses her expertise in martial arts, psychology, health and fitness to work with women and organizations who are ready for the next level of mastery in their lives.

Melodee received her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and is a 5th Dan Black Belt recently inducted into the Karate Union Hall of Fame. She developed the award-winning fitness program, Kickboxers Ultimate Training (, is the creator of Clean KUT Nutrition ( and founder of Self Mastery Bootcamp.

Melodee loves to cook, eat and take pictures of food. (Yes, it’s an obsession.) She also loves to livestream, write, teach, and play at Martial Arts Family Fitness, a center she owns with her family in Santa Barbara, CA.



Plant Based Living

How we fuel ourselves is a personal choice based on preference, bio-individuality, health conditions, lifestyle and one’s beliefs. What’s right for one person nutritionally may not be right for another. And nobody knows what’s right for your body better than you. But, whatever your chosen dietary, there is always room for more plants. In a world where restriction rules – remove this, don’t eat that, be 100% x-free – eating plants is all about addition and abundance. Not just for fuel, but to help you feel good, look good + think good. Here you’ll learn how to transition to a more plant-centric diet that will fuel your body, nourish your spirit, make your skin glow and get your mind right, while also helping our planet.

Jacq is a nutrition, fitness, and all-around food nerd. She’s been passionately coaching women to reach their nutrition & fitness goals since 1999 and has loved every minute of it. As a mom, business woman and competitive athlete, she understands the constant competing needs women juggle and how difficult it can be to take care of themselves. Led by her personal journey to heal her own health struggles (hormone imbalances, eating disorder, GI dysfunction, skin issues, etc), working with hundreds of women, and her incessant research, Jacqueline developed an accessible, sustainable, enjoyable (and effective!) approach to helping women optimize their health—with plant-centric nutrition being the biggest dial mover.



Practice Self Defence: Practical Tactics Training & Awareness

Empowering GRRRLs through awareness of reality of both assault and own abilities. Both Verbal and Physical to help resist violence against them.

Discussion of the importance of situational awareness Buddy system (aim towards college students)Verbal and Non-verbal clues/red flags Effectiveness on Self Defense tactics and mindset: Hand to Hand Demo

Ultimate Body Confidence: A Triad of Dance – belly dancing, twerking, & erotic chair dancing

Come learn from some world-class, passionate Instructors and dip into THREE different styles and approaches to dance!

Leslie “the honey badger” is a twerking Queen!

A fitness trainer for over 16 years, she used to have her own fitness studio in France but her dream was to live in the U.S.!

She loves to share her energy through an intense workout.  The intensity in her class represents the power that we can all share when we are pushing ourselves together, to weaken our fears and our struggles.

Yasmin will be teaching basic posture and movement foundations for Arab Dance/Belly dance.  You will be getting in touch with your inner strength and sensuality!

Vegas Stiletto Fitness with Iryss is a class in which women network, embrace and celebrate their own bodies in a safe environment. Women come together to look at their own bodies, and through body movement and music, find or regain that sassy energy that is most often supressed inside of ourselves.  Learning to love their own bodies and the skin they are in. The stiletto in Vegas Stiletto Fitness represents empowerment, because everytime a woman puts a stiletto on, their aura, posture and attitudes change. The stiletto is optional but encouraged as well. Whatever allows woman to feel safe and comfortable. All insecurities are to be forgotten. Just be YOU!



Premier results expert

Be inspired. Be empowered. Live your ultimate life now!

Are you ready to catapult your life, but just don’t know how?

Are you stuck in a rut and have tried everything but nothing seems to really work?

Are you ready to dust off an old dream because its YOUR TIME?

Then join Felicia Searcy for her “3 Keys to Create Your Ultimate Life Now!”

In this 3 hour workshop you will learn:

  • How to overcome fear, worry and doubt so they won’t stop you in your tracks
  • The BIG step most people miss when building their Ultimate Life (miss this and you may never see the success you desire)
  • How to know what your next best step is
  • The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to achieve real success.

Felicia Searcy is passionate about your dream! She proves this by her long and successful career of helping people just like you live their dream life. As an award winning transformational and premier results expert coach, professional speaker, author and minister, Felicia has helped 10’s of 1,000’s create the lives of their dreams! For close to 20 years, Felicia has worked with professionals, entrepreneurs and folks just like you who are seeking the spiritual side of success helping them accelerate their results as they create richer, more fulfilling lives.

She is a featured speaker for the eWomenSpeakersNetwork and has shared the stage with such powerhouse industry leaders as Mary Morrissey.

Her purpose is her passion: To empower you to discover and live your best self as you live the life you love! Your Dream is Her Passion! She is thrilled by the results that people experience in their lives as they learn and apply the system she shares– and she is passionate about helping you create the results you want so you can live your dream life!



Recently crowned the spokesperson for, Meg has been making videos covering her own strength training since 2014, and her channel has grown to nearly 140,000 subscribers, or Strong Strong Friends, as she calls them.

What started as a training log for her own personal lifts, her YouTube channel has evolved to become a resource and platform for the strength community. Her channel features some of the strongest people in the world (Chad Wesley Smith, Jennifer Thompson, Kevin Oak, and Kim Walford to name a few). Where viewers can learn about great lifters and the organizations and brands that support the strength community.

The Megsquats channel has also covered topics on steroid use, urinary stress incontinence, how to find a girl who lifts, and making friends at the gym. While she loves interviewing other athletes and touchy topics in the strength world, 50% of Meg’s channel covers her own journey as a competitive powerlifter.



Transgender 101

Janae Marie “Kroc” Kroczaleski is a transgender woman and was one of the most successful and popular athletes in the sport of powerlifting prior to her transition. She was known for her training intensity, mental toughness, and ability to overcome numerous serious injuries. Janae is the former all time world record holder in the 220lb class having squatted 1014lbs, bench pressed 738lbs, and deadlifted 810lbs with a personal best total of 2,551lbs.

She was the 2006 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic WPO World Middleweight Champion and after leaving powerlifting also became a successful bodybuilder having won the NPC Michigan State Championships in 2010 and later competing at the NPC National Championships in 2013. Her well known exploits in the iron game lead to an exercise being named after her, the infamous “Kroc Row” which she known to perform with a three hundred pound dumbbell for up to thirteen reps. Janae is a former Marine having been selected for Presidential security duty serving under President Clinton in the early ‘90s.

Since coming out as transgender she has appeared on Inside Edition, TMZ, numerous radio shows and pod casts, and has been featured in the Huffington Post and Muscle &amp; Fitness magazine. Janae is also a cancer survivor, published author, licensed pharmacist, model, and proud parent of three teenage sons. She is currently sharing her experiences as she navigates through life as an openly transgender woman who also identifies as genderfluid and non-binary on her social media pages as well as speaking at colleges and universities on the topics of gender and sexuality.



MMA Workshops

Sponsored GRRRL Athlete and all around warrior, Rose is an American mixed martial artist.  She is currently signed to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where she competes in the women’s strawweight division and is the reigning world champion.  Whether you have never stepped on the mats in your life, or a seasoned fighter, Rose will be teaching you the fundamentals in MMA in an intimate workshop that will take your game and your life to the next level!





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What are the dates and times?

Optional pre-conference pool party: April 27th 7-10pm
Come join your sisters and finally get to meet and bond in person! We’ve taken over the entire Hideaway pool and lounge on the second floor at the Nugget! For $30 you get entry, 2 drinks, AND food! Come share some laughs and be welcomed into the family.

April 28/29th weekend

Registration: Friday April 27th 2-8ppm

Retail: Come check out brand new releases just for GL18! From jocks and socks to Jewelry, we’ve got a ton of event-only releases!
Friday 2p-8p

Where is it held?

Gold Nugget Hotel & Casino
Located on the “old strip” in the heart of downtown, this is where all of the action is!The Golden Nugget is an amazing scene full of nightlife, street shows, and exciting attractions. Everything is right outside the doorstep with no need for a rental car!

Do You Have Hotel Rates?

Our premier hotel partner is the Golden Nugget! With 30% off advertised room rates, the Nugget offers Value Value Value! Recently renovated, the Nugget has 3 different tiers of room levels available for you to choose from. There are 2 Starbucks on site. What more could you possibly need to know!


Limited amount of rooms available at this rate.

What do I Pack?

Fancy dress: VIG/OG ticket holders for Documentary red carpet premier event.

A swim suit: (we’ll have brand new 2 piece sport suits available at our Pop-Up shop from Friday 2p onwards!)

Snacks: We’ll have snacks in your swag bag, but for those of you who need ALL the foods, we recommend coming geared up with extra snacks.

The Golden Nugget has several food options on site, and within a 5 minute walk, you’ll find dozens of more options.

When will I receive my ticket and how do I sign up for the workshop that I want?

We’ll be sending out electronic tickets to print out along with the workshop elective sign up sheet (in order of tickets received, in batches of 50), from the beginning of April.  Since some workshops are on a first come, first serve basis, if your workshop is unavailable, we’ll inform you to make a second choice immediately.

When should I arrive and depart?

We recommend arriving Friday April 27th, well before the pool party starting at 7pm.
Registration is open from 2pm-8pm, and will be located right next to our Pop-Up shop in front of the event hall, which is the Grand Ballroom.

Saturday and Sunday both have optional full body workouts from 7-7:30am, with the event starting at 9am.

Events for GA ticket holders, conclude at 8:30pm on Saturday, and 7:30-8pm on Sunday.

For those needing to book an earlier flight on Sunday, we recommend finding a flight after 5pm.

VIG/OG ticket holders have an event Saturday night until 11pm, and OG ticket holders will be in session until 4:30pm, Monday April 30th.

Do I have to be in shape?

NO! Everything is geared towards the absolute, freshest of the fresh beginners, but suitable for advanced. We’re all highly qualified and able to modify anything to suit anyone.

I heard there’s a special tattooist on site?

You bet your tits there is! Cara Cable (@progress_not_perfection on IG) will be doing up flash tatties for grrrls this year and will be available to book in on site.

My Daughter is only 10, can she still come?

The event is geared for 11 and up, but if you have a Daughter who is 10 going on 28, we’ll leave that up to you. Completely up to the discretion of you the parent, we recommend making a judgement call and feel free to email us to set up a phone call if you’d like to chat prior to buying. There will be zero chance for a refund once on site.

Can my 5 year old Son come with me?

Infants are welcome, but any child over 1 year of age is not allowed

Do you allow transgender women to come?

If you identify as a woman, present as a woman, and are living as a woman- you belong.

Is my ticket refundable if I something comes up?

The cut off date for all refunds is February 1st, 2018.


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