Rebecca Rowley

Rebecca Rowley is currently ranked 3rd strongest Woman in the world in the U82 class. Not only does she lift incredibly heavy objects but she is also a single mother, strength coach and personal trainer. Of all the hats she wears motherhood is by far the hardest. BUT it’s her why. The pay off to children is there is a constant need to leave the world a better place for them. She has achieved incredible things but she believes none would come close to raising children who are self sufficient, with kind empathetic hearts, hard work ethic, humility and the same need to make the world a better place for everyone. She genuinely believes that we can fix problems on a global scale by starting in our homes and taking our jobs as parents and mentors seriously. Rebecca’s plan is to change the world one generation at a time. Rebecca’s ambition is to live as a real example to the next generation of what a woman is capable of so they hold their daughters and wives to the same standard and show them the respect and admiration they deserve for it. Rebecca is an advocate for people and woman all over the world with the goal to further the mission that GRRRL and she have in common.

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