And that extends to the fact that we just don’t DO “sizes”.

We think it’s time to call bullshit on the clothing industry. And their model photoshop. Their unrealistic body stereotypes. And making every woman feel like anything than an extra small is an abnormality.

We don’t put clothes for our fuller bodied sisters at the back of the store. Or fat shame our employees. Like other brands. We are grrrls. Loud. Can you hear us?

It might take you a minute to get used to the way we do things. But we hope you appreciate why we are doing it. And we are pretty confident that you will get a better fit. And a happier wear out of the process.

It’s a pretty big gamble for us as an online store. But we know that grrrls will understand it.

battle born (2)


We have clothes that fit our athletes based on the variety of beautiful bodyshapes and types that reflect grrrls living in the 21st century. And the different shapes of different ethnicities and backgrounds too.

The best way to choose a top is to measure your bust in cms or inches, and then choose the athlete whose body matches most closely mirrors yours.

If you prefer your tops tight go up to the next athlete with the smaller measurements.

If you prefer your tops a little looser fitting go down to the next athlete with the fuller measurements.

If you are within an inch of the measurements between two athletes… pick the smaller athlete for snug and the fuller athlete for a little less snug…


Because a man designed women’s sizes back in the 30s on the basis that it didn’t actually matter if our clothes fitted… BECAUSE WE CAN ALL SEW!!!!…. we often have self talk around why we have to buy a medium in a top and an extra large pair of pants….

Well that’s because our entire sizing system was designed by a man. Using a sample of women which excluded anyone from an ethnic background and didn’t even represent a cross sample of representative women from the group he did use….

No more.

Grab a tape. Measure your hips, waist and inseam. And choose an athlete. Coming soon we have some revolutionary tights that will genuinely fit EVERY BODY, but for now…. get the tape and choose your athlete…


And if you don’t see a particular item that you want, or you don’t have an athlete that matches your body type… bigger… or smaller… that just makes you, you. Email us at [email protected], and we will make you something beautiful that you will feel amazing in.