$75 gift card


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Give the gift of … whatever the hell she wants!

Gift cards used to be so empty and thoughtless…Until now!

GRRRL is her favourite new brand, and she cannot get enough of us! And we cannot get enough of YOU and how thoughtful you are! Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary, or valentines day, you can show her that you’re thinking of her.

Better yet- screw a “reason”, and take her by surprise! Drop her an out-of-the-blue shopping spree. Mother of the year? Sister of the year? Inspiration of the year? Whatever the reason, show her that you know just how to excite her.

And don’t forget to tell her, if she’s on facebook, we want her in our close-knit, tight AF #GRRRLARMY. She can find us by searching GRRRLs

<3 Namaste Bitchessssss!


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