I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the dedicated, passionate, and brilliant race directors, Rondi Davies and David Barra. Both are incredibly decorated marathon swimmers themselves who have created an event that over the last 6 years has raised awareness for the beautiful and swimmable resource we have in the U.S.A spanning over 120 miles, the mighty Hudson River. I can only imagine the obstacles they faced to make this event come to fruition. But in true marathon swimmer fashion, they put their heads down and got it done…. and the success of the event has only grown. 8 Bridges has become the gold standard event in marathon swimming. It is considered the longest and toughest in the world.

Their commitment to the swimmers safety, attention to the logistics and details, ability to read the water, and passion for the sport is incredibly inspiring. I believe an event is only as good as the directors, and they both are the gold standard in my eyes.

When this event was just a figment in my twisted imagination, Rondi and David were so supportive and approachable. As the weeks passed and the event took place, you could see just how invested they are in this event.
I learned after the first full day of swimming, that regardless of my own outcome, I was so blessed and honored to be around such enthusiastic, supportive, and interesting people from the swimmers, to kayakers to dedicated volunteers. I may have came for the swimming, but I definitely stayed for the people. Ronda and David have created this very special and unique environment. In what other event would one feel such positivity and energy throughout 120 miles of swimming?!

This past week was very special to me, and Rondi and David have impacted many peoples lives for the better. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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