8 bridges

I wanted to make sure you all have the available tracker link so you can see the day-to-day progress as I make my way down the 120 miles of the Hudson River!
You can access the tracker at the link below (it will show all the swimmers in the water at once….about 20 each day). All you have to do is find my name when it loads on Sunday (the first day of swimming): It should be a blank web page before Sunday.
During the swim my dad will be on the water, helping as a volunteer, but not directly next to me in a boat. He will be on a boat overseeing all the swimmers. I have a FABULOUS kayaker Margarethe who will be by my side the whole time. My mom and brother will be following in their car, trying to find some good observatory spots. The tracker is connected to my cell phone, which will be in Margarethe’s possession. So since Margarethe is next to me, it should give my track….however, if Margarethe has to paddle away from me for whatever reason (get more feeds etc), it may show some discrepancies. Also, some people may be racing each stage….since I am doing all 7, I will likely be in the middle to back of the pack. Finishing is the goal!
In the meantime, if you want more information on the swim, the morning start times, which bridges Ill be swimming to and the distances, check out the event website:
I will be keeping my blog up to date:
I will also be checking email messages periodically if you want to reach me!
Thank you so all the love, support, positivity and prayers. I have a lot of time to reflect doing these long swims, and you all are always in my thoughts. It makes a huge difference. i feel incredibly blessed.

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