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So here I am with my very own space on the big wide world of the interwebs. Blogging is something I’ve thought about doing for a really long time, for a number of different reasons. What made me bite the bullet and actually do it? One of my best friends and someone I admire enormously is a hardcore blogger….she’s raw, real and lets it all hang out – the good, the bad and the UGLY! This is actually something that’s somewhat of an anomaly in today’s world of what I call social media personality disorder: where everybody is putting their best foot forward, showcasing their bright, shiny moments and hiding away when times are tough. The biggest difference between this and what my friend does, for me, is that when I read her stuff… I relate – on many different levels! I don’t judge her, I respect her and sometimes, I have those moments where I think “oh my god, it’s not just me!!”. When she puts it all out there, even if she only does it for her, someone, somewhere reads it, identifies with it and it has an impact that she may never even see or feel. How awesome is that? When we only share the bright shiny moments, we paint such an unrealistic picture of ourselves that we then feel the pressure to live up to in real life and, inadvertently, we actually put pressure on other people who may feel inadequate or less than. Not for one minute am I intimating that anyone should feel responsible for how another person feels when they read something you’ve written. I just think we could all take a leaf out of my friends’ book and keep it real because, in doing so, we actually come together, relate and support each other through the amazing times as well as the down times.

So, long story short, that’s kind of what put the bullet up my arse to start blogging. My friend made a comment on her blog about how journalling keeps her grounded, on path, and moving forward. I totally get that and it’s exactly what I need to be doing! I could journal privately but I get so much out of reading other people’s thoughts, who knows, maybe someone, somewhere will get something out of reading mine :) One thing I promise is that it will be real, it will be raw and you’ll probably judge me at some point! Haha…..but you know what? That bit’s on you ?

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