Below you’ll find the letter I’ve just wrote to someone I’ve never met or spoken to in my life.  But this is how we stay clean and sober.  Some of you may not know that I’m a recovered drug addict and alcoholic.  I often like to post about the dis-ease of addiction and alcoholism because there is still a lot of stigma around the topic.  A lot of miseducation.  But the reality is, we do recover.  We aren’t bad people who need to get good, we are sick people who need to get well.  Doing service work like this reminds me of why I must wake up grateful every day for what I do have, and not what I don’t have.  And today, what I do have, is freedom from addiction, as well as a life beyond my wildest dreams.  Might not be financially free and jetsetting like Cardi B or Kim Kardashian, but that’s OK!  Money doesn’t satisfy the soul.  Being of service, in my experience, does…… 


Hey Jay!!!

My name is Kortney, and I’m …… well I’m a lot of things. I’m the “woman with the world’s deadliest thighs”, australia’s first female arm wrestling champion, and according to the Australian media, I’m an ex fetish porn star. LOL #winning
But at the end of the day, no matter what my ego thinks it wants you to know, the only thing you need to know, is that I’m a recovered drug addict and alcoholic.

I don’t know much about you. Other than you’re inside due to drugs. But your Sister follows me on IG. I often post about recovery so people can better understand our dis-ease. (Dis= opposite . Ease = easy living……….. so what we have, is the opposite of easy living.. not like some crusty penis type disease lol). We hear the world mental illness and think something is wrong with us. When in reality, we all have a level of mental health. So when we say we’re ‘mentally ill”, it just means we’re not really healthy in the mind when we’re sick.
Remember this, us addicts/alcoholics (all the same shit at the end of the day) are NOT bad people who need to get good…. we are SICK people who need to get good.

Today, with 8.5 years without a drink, nearly 8 without a drug, I’ve launched a global clothing line that is changing the world. But without having had worked the 12 steps, and doing what was suggested there’s no way I would be where I am today. In fact I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be alive.

I started using meth when I was 17 (despite being a perfect poster child) because I lost weight. From there I experienced (I no longer use the word ‘suffered’) a rape by my boxing instructor/mentor, and went down a dark spiral and started drinking professionally around 19. Took me a Long time of going in and out of the rooms to FINALLY quit trying to escape my feelings and repair my damaged soul. Even after being clean and sober for a year, I found norco, which turned into oxy in the end. But you see, that wasn’t my problem, because my name was on the bottle, and was prescribed by a doctor.

You see- us addicts are very clever people. We can manipulate every one around us, get what we want, then burn it to the ground, and end up blaming everyone else around us. Hahahahaha! It’s amazing! When I think back about all the time and effort that went into trying to stay drunk, or get a bag, or refill my RX, I have A LOT of time wasted. However, today- I look back at my past, and am incredibly proud. Not with false pride, but a pride that comes from literally walking through the gates of hell. Addiction/alcoholism is fatal, and kills someone just on pills alone every 19 seconds here in the USA.

So, that being said, I want you to know that we do recover. I don’t know how Long you’re locked up for, or what you’re looking at, but I can send you some literature and help guide you to finding the steps and addressing the beast. You don’t ever have to use again. It’s a peculiar feeling getting clean and sober. For me, the first two years were awful. But that’s purely because I didn’t do what was suggested by the program. I only went to meetings because I knew I had to. But I didn’t put any effort into the steps, never did service work, hated fellowshipping, and just got addicted to body building instead. Which kept me clean and sober in the beginning, but I kept looking for approval from others on the outside. And as we know, compliments are like lines of coke- they work for only a short period of time. Hence why I hated that drug. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, I want you to know that we do recover. All of the answers that you need are in the literature. I’m positive you’d be able to find a sober/clean member within the confines of that box there as well to help guide you. Prison is really kind of pointless in a lot of respects. We take meetings into jails and institutions, but you need daily meetings.

What we’re dealing with (if you are far progressed as I was with my addiction (my dis-ease) is the equivalent of stage 4 bone cancer. People who have stage 4 bone cancer are literally on deaths doorstep. They have to take their medicine daily, most often hourly. The same can be said for us. If I don’t do something daily to manage my dis-ease (because our illness is centred in the mind), I will surely pick back up again. And I will no doubt, die- or worse, kill someone else and wind up in prison myself. I’m a very violent person whenever I put drugs or alcohol into my system. Like you, I have an allergic reaction, and the craving phenomenon kicks off. Normal people don’t have those issues. Isn’t it great to be so far from normal! 🙂

I’ll be doing a road show tour and in the USA for some time. Maybe there’s a way I can come see you and facilitate a meeting. But please stay strong. Ask for help. You are not weak in will power, you have a disease that is not curable, but is capable of going into remission. And you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I used to steal your wallet then help you look for it. That’s not who I am when I’m clean and sober. Today I’m looking to give away as much as I can to those who need it more than I. Building a legacy. Leaving my mark. And so can you-

I believe in you. And from one addict to another, I know exactly what you’re feeling and experiencing. There is hope. We do recover. One day at a time.

And last thing: one day at a time, simply means that all we have is the now. There is no such thing as the past or the future. Time is a man-made creation to run a society/civilisation. The past and future purely live in our minds, where we play them over and over, or play them out, and get caught up in depression or anxiety. So stay within just today- the only thing that exists. Tomorrow if you want your misery and pain back, you can have it. But just for today, you’ve got this. Pray to a higher power (I don’t know who or what that is, but I believe there is a God, and I am NOT it!!!) for guidance, and watch what happens. Could be Mother Nature, aliens, Jesus, Satan- doesn’t matter. We just recommend you realise that on your own, you can’t mange your own life. Kind of easy to see when your behind bars 😉

But- know that there are millions of us out here praying for you to ‘get it’, and then you too can pass on the good word that we do recover.

We love you!

In fellowship
Kortney O

Why Ambassador Codes Aren’t Brilliant, But What Is Instead

If you’re already an Ambassador (or Brand Advocate), don’t get bummed out. You’ve made it this far, so keep reading.

I’ve never been a big fan of ‘ambassadors’ or ‘affiliates’.

What is the difference between ambassadors, affiliates, and/or even partners for that matter? I don’t have time to give you a dictionary definition, so let’s continue.

Now, our first year with GRRRL, we started out an ambassador program that didn’t contain concrete outlines, unlike a company say like 5% nutrition. If you go on their website, it’s real clear that you can apply, but you need to have 10,000 + followers to even begin with.

We were taking women and girls onboard who were more or less “grrrl material”. We would check through their feed and read comments they left on other people’s profiles to make sure they were acting in accordance to our ethos, not posting with airbrushed photos, or just doing a bunch of tits and ass shots for likes.

When you have online ‘ambassadors’, the point is to use their channels to promote your brand, and they in turn make a commission off of any sales that get generated. But nowadays it seems like everyone has some kind of ‘code’ or ambassadorship with some kind of company. Livesore. Be Strong. (Just be Strong?) The list goes on.

There are a couple of different reasons why I don’t like giving people codes:

1.. I feel like they make other people feel excluded

2. Our brand weighs so heavily on connectivity, sisterhood, and abiding to a certain philosophy of life, that if someone is associated with our brand, they need to conduct themselves in a certain way.

3. They turn people into a walking billboard. PS- People love to shop, but they hate being “sold to”. That is why network marketing is so goddamn hard!

It’s confusing because some grrrls have codes with less than say 1,000 followers, but when someone emails up to tell their story and apply, and we write back saying we have guidelines now, is that they might not realise, that this other grrrl has TATTOO’D the brand on her body for LIFE.


Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch! If you’ve tattoo’d GRRRL on your body somewhere, you are straight up RIDE OR DIE. Call yourself an ambassador, my blood sister, IDGAF. You are OUT THERE DOING THE DAMN THING.

We also have grrrl’s like Diana Van Rompey who go out and set up booths at events and have paid for table clothes and display items out of their own pockets (with permission of course!), and are out there pushing the brand because they truly believe in what we are doing.

Our current team of ambassadors and advocates are amazing and have generated us a lot of new recruits, and we are forever grateful.  

But when we get 100’s of emails a week, of women asking for codes, even with the few professional Athletes we support financially, once someone posts to their markets, their database is aware of who we are. We need people talking about WHY we exist, and how that has impacted their lives. Out in the street doing gorilla marketing. Thinking outside the box. Etc.

Having professional Athletes like Rose Namajumas and Holly Holm (former) on the team, are great for us. They are straight up grrrl material. But as a start up company, who’s main focus is an equal sisterhood, with our clothing already being affordable AF, codes tend to give an air of ‘better than’, if you will, and to be frank, our stuff margins are already tight as me trying to fit into a pair of jeans. Comparable brands selling the EXACT same leggings as us, will charge up to $75-110USD.


Furthermore, back in the day when we used to have more time, we could check up on Ambassadors and see what type of interactions they were having on other people’s comments. I came across “That bitch is just a thirsty hoe, don’t pay her any attention”, and nearly fell off my seat.

I don’t have the mentally capacity to brush my teeth twice a day, make love to my partner in over a year, let alone find time to heal my thyroid, so I certainly don’t have time to be looking into other grrrls who are Ambassador’s ‘stuff’. It’s not our job to police anyone. You’re either in, or you’re not. What you do in your spare time, is totally up to you. However, when a brand is based off of principles, values and ethos, we can’t mess around.

We’re not GymShark- we’re not DoYouEven… we are fucking GRRRL. We are here to build a sisterhood, where we are created equal. A brand that doesn’t need to be paying people to grow the sisterhood. We have so many members of the grrrlarmy who ‘get it’, and are out there already doing the damn thing.
Going out on the street with pledge bands and cards. To be starting their own free training boot camps and asking us to give a 1 time discount for a massive order for all the new recruits to buy a shirt…

Sure… some women just want to say they have a sponsorship of some sort, and feel like they’re being supported somehow. Some just want the title. But most often than not, women want to give back and be involved in any way possible, as well as be able to be heard and share their story.

So therein lies the issue. How do we get more women involved?

Because I know the feeling. Full-stop. I’ve experienced first hand, that the first step to building self love and finding happiness, is by being of service to others. Making $400/hr to stand around and flex in videos, did not give me happiness and fill the void in my soul. What did, was being of service and finding my purpose. Feeling like I could help others.

So how we get more women involved? Well I’m so f**king glad you asked!

This is in part why we are running this Indiegogo campaign!

We want to give our grrrlarmy members the opportunity to take proven programs back into their communities and teach girls how to become grrrls!

Yes! Selling clothing and being a brand that
-refuses to use photoshop/airbrushing
-all body types
-doesn’t use traditional sizing

is amazing! But it’s no longer about us. It’s about YOU and giving YOU an opportunity to heal, then change the world around you, by first changing yourself.

So to give you a taste, we’ve put the Self Love Success Academy on our campaign.

We’re envisioning doing Train The Trainer style format, where you, our grrrlarmy members (customers, if you are unfamiliar with our brand) get to come and learn the rebranded format of Kamp Konfidence, and create change in your world.


This “Self Love Success Academy” is just ONE of TEN components from Kamp Konfidence. And what we end up re-branding Kamp Konfidence to, we’re not sure at this stage. At this stage, we’re just focusing on hitting our $85,000 mark so we can take our GL18 on the road and do a mini road show! In the clothing world, $85,000 is a drop in the bucket when you’re expanding on a global scale.

So we’re giving you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with what the future is to hold. As well as get this information into as many hands as possible. This course is life changing….


WTF is the “Self Love Success Academy”

OK, so by now you’ve been looking at all of our AWESOME perks on our crowdfunding campaign and you can’t decide what to get. I don’t blame you… there is so much awesome stuff on it.

So… what exactly is the “Self Love Success Academy” anyway? (which I’ll refer to as SLSA)

The SLSA is a 160 page, interactive workbook/journal that is designed to help any woman or girl, 11 years and older, start working on developing self love.

Developing self love takes work. It requires taking time to sit down, and put pen to paper, and ask yourself some important questions. Most importantly, self love starts by building awareness. Building awareness can easily translate to ‘mindfulness’. Instead of living life on ‘auto pilot’, we learn to observe our thoughts and behaviours and more importantly, strategies on how to start creating change.

The trouble with explaining what this program covers, is that there is just SO DAMN MUCH it actually covers.

For $70, the course includes 15 HD (hi def) videos ranging from 5-10 minutes of myself, walking you (or your loved one) through how to use this workbook/journal. The course also includes supplemental videos that go along with the course, as well as printouts, such as an assertiveness quiz and so on.


The ironic thing is, I HATE doing online courses. I lose interest, am HELLA A.D.D. (Official) and have a hard time sitting still. But, the beauty is, and I’m not ashamed to say, I am HELLA entertaining and engaging 🙂

I guarantee when you finish this online course, which you can do during the 8 week suggested pace, or do at your own pace (because you have lifetime access to the course) that you will walk away a more empowered, confident female brimming with self love.

This course helps combat bullying, regardless of age, improves self esteem and worth, creates a sense of achievement, builds self love, enhances confidence, and overall sense of serenity.

So for the love of Prince, get this specific perk in your home, out to other parents at your kids schools, to women who run girl groups, coaches, DO IT YOURSELF! It’s a great way to bond with your Daughter in doing this together, but also is designed to be done by yourself as a grown ass adult! I guarantee you will learn something.