I want to talk a little about our fearless leader Kortney Olson. Most people out there see the end result of her tireless hard work. We see the polished finished product and we think man, this person has it easy, they have their life completely together, they have it made.  Look at this brand! Look at these amazing clothes. Look  at her long history of accomplishments and her ever growing following. It’s all so glamorous and enviable. 


Kortney Killing it on Jimmy Kimmel live for National Watermelon day!

It would be easy to assume these things when you haven’t seen or understood the sheer labor of blood, tears and sweat that has gone into birthing GRRRL Clothing and every endeavor that has come before. When you haven’t encountered closed door after closed door and No after No.  But, thankfully we have a leader that is tenacious and unashamed in allowing us to see and become a part of it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. I am grateful for her openness, it’s refreshing and so necessary in this world of social perfectionism and smoke and mirrors.

When you truly see and understand the personal sacrifice that is GRRRL Clothing,  i’m not sure you would want that burden or even have the balls to take it on. The work that is involved behind the scenes. The countless hours. The non existence of down time, no vacations, no days off.  It takes a special kind of woman to keep showing up day after day with unstoppable optimism.

Do you know what I love most about Kortney Olson?  I could easily pick her amazing legs or her well defined upper body. I could choose her beauty and energy, charisma. I could choose her fitness or her ability to pretty much do anything  and make a friend out of anyone at anytime. I love all of those things! They are certainly attractive qualities but, its not what I love most.

My favorite thing about KO is her willingness to be vulnerable. Its her willingness to let us see that there are days when she doesn’t have it together, there are days when she doesn’t have the answer. Heck there are even days when she questions if she is strong enough to see her dream through to the finish. But, never once has she given up. That speaks volumes to me about her quality of character and her motivations for her brand. Anyone who didn’t want to make the world a better place would have crumbled up into the fetal position and sucked their thumb while muttering obscenities in the dark. It’s never been about the clothing or the money. It’s immensely bigger than that.

The MFCEO in Forbes Magazine!!

I appreciate that I have been privileged enough to share in her struggle and that we have been allowed to be present in her most desperate moments  just as much as the headline worthy moments. It is because of this openness that we have all become part of this brand along side her.  It’s why the GRRRL ARMY will show up and keep showing up no matter what the situation or circumstance. Remember our recent crowd funding campaign? the army showed up in full force.  The MFCEO keeps showing up for us day in and day out regardless of her personal life situations, marriage or finances.  Her resilience and selflessness is inspiring. You can never really doubt where someone’s heart is when you’ve seen everything they have sacrificed for their dream. It’s pretty hard to not be inspired by someone like that and I’m not the only one that feels this way, after all she has inspired an entire army of women.

With that said Recently there has been a lot to celebrate and I could not be any prouder of this tenacious leader of ours. The excitement has been real.  From the Times – Standard News  to Jimmy Kimmel Live and Forbes Magazine!!! Its like KO is taking the world by storm and honestly it’s inevitable that she will. If anyone was to ever take over the world, I have no doubt it would be KO. I seriously do not know why ELLEN hasn’t had her on the show yet. I am pretty sure she will regret not having her on someday soon. Come on Ellen if you’re reading this what are you waiting for? Check out the letter we wrote you a while back, The MFCEO needs to be on your show and there is an army of women behind her that will tell you the same.

Anyways, if any of you have missed the recent news because you have been buried under a rock somewhere or maybe in a monastery in Tibet. Here are all of the amazing things Kort has been up too recently. What I love most about our MFCEO is that we share in the struggle but man when there is something to celebrate we celebrate hard. I know she is already off hustling on her next objective however, I think we all need to stop , appreciate and acknowledge these victories and keep celebrating for her as she keeps leading the charge.



Keep fighting the good fight

Kelly aka Spunky xo