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Hey grrrl heyyyyyy!

It’s been a HOT minute since any of us have had a chance to write a blog here at GRRRL hq!  But that’s OK… life happens, right?  Instead of being all Ooo-la-lay about what we haven’t been doing, let’s be excited about what we have been doing (and that’s a TON of stuff!)!  Anywho, I wanted to take a second and explain why you might find us out of stock more often than not.

There are a couple of different reasons why this happens.  As a lady with thicker legs, I always found myself SUPER annoyed whenever shopping because more often than not, what I needed was out of stock.  There always seemed to be the “S” or “XS” left over.

I hate shopping online.  Ironic that the founder of GRRRL isn’t a big fan of shopping online on for clothes, right?  I know, I know!  I blame it on being a control freak.  But back in the day when I did occasionally shop online, I would get agro AF because whenever I’d find something I adored, it was never in my size.  Usually I’d piss off, full of resentment, never to return to that online store.

When we launched GRRRL four years ago, we didn’t carry our size (shape) Heidi or Sam.  After the first 6 months, we were able to expand our range to include more sizes (however it was pretty subpar in my opinion… yes, being a perfectionist has its pros and cons).  But what happens when you’re a start-up company with next to zero cashflow, stocking that many different products (otherwise known as SKU’s) across 4 different distribution centers, was a huge challenge.

We were often having to go on sale before receiving our gear just to pay for it!  Our growth was so (and still is) so rapid, that sustaining the growth without investment, was a massive hurdle!  But nevertheless, she persisted, and here we are today thanks to all of you.  So with little cashflow and a huge range of sizes to contend with, we often resorted to doing limited runs of production in order to balance our demand and resources.  (Ever notice what a pain in the ass our website is sometimes lol?)

So on top of doing shorter runs of production (aka limited edition), the other reason why you often find stuff out of stock (OOS) is because in retail, there is simply ZERO way to predict what is going to sell across different sizes!  It is THE most frustrating and unexplainable phenomenon in the industry.  There have been times when we released a product that I thought was going to fall flat on its face, yet somehow sold out rather fast.  For example, when we released the ‘forest green KUSH leggings’, I thought FOR SURE they were going to hang around until the second coming of Christ.  They were supposed to be ‘army green’, but our supplier couldn’t get the fabric.

Also, sometimes there is a product that sells out across all sizes except one!  So something might sell out in say the ‘geometric dream’ next level leggings except in shape Heidi.  So every time you visit the site, you keep seeing those leggings, yet they’re always out of stock!  Because we’ve historically done limited runs, you’ll never see it restocked and instead, it hangs around in your face and continually pisses you off!

So where does this leave us?

Now that we’ve crossed over the rainbow bridge to an area of stability,  we’re able to look at getting higher numbers of stock available as well as being more consistent in restocking staple items such as the black KUSH leggings.

In conclusion, a massive thank you to all of you who have stuck around.  You’ve helped us grow the brand so we can continue to focus on creating a new world for all of those who come after us.  We’d be nothing without you.



1 thought on “Always Out Of Stock?”

  1. Hey!!! I totally get it. But I am SO excited for having found this brand while searching for HOURS for some good fitness gear. It makes me so happy to see a brand that stands for what GRRRL does, and has a variety of sizes, and the designs are so unique and cool and empowering.

    I CAN’T WAIT for the next shipments to come in and I REALLY hope it does in a size I can wear too. Please let fans know if there’s any way we can help. I will be spending my athletic wear money here, definitely.

    Please keep the shop going!!! <3

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