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MFCEO here to give you a play by play of what to expect for GL18 for those of you who’ve dug deep and found a way to get to THE absolute life-changing female empowerment event of the year.  For those of you reading this who are unaware of what the hell GL18 means, let me break it down for you.  GL = GRRRL LIVE 18= 2018.  Last year (our very first event), GL17 was (in my eyes) “meh”.  However, ask anyone who attended and they’ll tell you otherwise.  Take Cassandra Cuskelly for example.  She was so inspired after the event, she hauled off and got GRRRL tattooed above her eyebrow, along with several other grrrlarmy members who also got the brand tattooed.  Shit brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it now!  I look back at the event, and as a perfectionist, saw it as just “meh” because:

A) Everytime you do something for the first time, it isn’t going to be up to your standard,
B) I was just diagnosed with Graves’ disease right before departing Singapore and legit hadn’t slept for TWO WEEKS prior to the event (lol).  Not to mention on the flight over from Singapore to USA, I read an email that all of our leggings that had just finished completion to sell at the event were one size out, and I needed to somehow magically pull thousands of dollars out of thin air in less than 12 hours.  So there was that….. #startuplife

But in true GRRRL spirit, we ALWAYS find a way.

Now onto the excitement that is GL18:

Before I get into the event details, lets talk about ‘what to pack’.

Everyone needs to pack a ‘fancy dress’ if you plan on attending our red carpet event, which is the premier of our amazing documentary GRRRL: Beauty Is The Beast.  VIG and OG ticket holders will have access automatically.  For our general admission ticket holders, we’ll be announcing how to gain access during the general session Saturday morning.

Aside from a fancy dress, you really don’t need to pack anything except your favourite GRRRL gear!  Dress code for the general session is GRRRL clothing or functional and comfortable clothing, if you don’t own any gear (yet, lol). Don’t forget, you will be participating in an activity based workshop on either Saturday or Sunday, or both days.

For our OG ticket holders, be sure to pack something “sultry” (whatever that may mean by your own personal definition) to wear in your ‘boudoir photoshoot experience’ Monday morning.  You’ll need to arrive Monday morning with hair and makeup done if you want to glam it up for your shot.

Now – event details:

First off, unlike last year, everything is under one roof: The Golden Nugget.  For those of you who’ve not yet booked a room, the Nugget is damn close to sold out, but there are plenty of surrounding hotels around that have availability.

We recommend getting in Friday afternoon, and get yourself an Uber.  Unless you plan on driving out to the dessert at midnight over the weekend and watching shooting stars, there is absolutely zero reason to get a rental.  The Golden Nugget is in Downtown Las Vegas, the OG part of where Vegas was born.  Outside the Nugget, there are plenty of places to eat within walking distance with a ton of variety.  Also, the Nugget itself has a ton of places inside, including a dope buffet for $13USD.  Everyone from carnivore to vegan  can make the buffet work.

Depending on where you are staying, get yourself checked in, then head to our registration desk which will be located in Pebble Beach 3, which is in the conference space at the Carson Tower. You will see signs at checkin in the Carson Tower, or just ask when you check in. Be sure to register on Friday, because that’s where you will get your entry pass for the Pool Party.

At registration, our team will get you registered, get you your swag bag (make sure you bring your bag with you Saturday morning to the general session!), check you in for the pool party (which you can purchase tickets on site, or prepay here.) confirm your workshop elective, and double check your status for whether you want to compete in the deadlift/stronggrrrl competition Saturday late afternoon immediately proceeding the workshops.

After you get registered, you’ve got to check out the retail store!  Not to be a tease, but we have some of the raddest gear in the herstory of our GRRRL life hitting the event this year.  Please believe there will be no emails the week before the event informing me anything is mis-sized lol.  Believe that!

After you’ve shopped, grab your new GRRRL suit and head over to the Hideaway Pool at 7p for our takeover pool party!  From 7p – 10p we have the entire pool area taken over for just our grrrls.  One of the biggest pieces of feedback from last year, was that everyone had a little wish to have the opportunity to mingle and bond beforehand. So ask and you shall receive!  With your entry to the pool party, you’ll have a whole hour of free flow alcohol for 21+ and an array of different foods to nibble from while you chop it up with each other!  Three of our Ambassadors, Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Polluck and Isah Mazing will be there waiting to welcome you with lots of hugs and excitement! Anyone who bought their admission ticket before the end of October last year, will have the pool party included in your admission. If you bought your ticket after November 1st 2017 there is a cover charge of $30 to cover F&B. You can grab a ticket here…..

For those of you traveling alone, please don’t trip!  Everyone gets anxious going into new social settings.  But as soon as you meet the registration desk, you’ll feel right at home, and even more so once you get in and amongst your sisters.

After you’ve had your full share of chilling by the pool eating, drinking and laughing, get your ass to bed and ready for an early start.

Now, here’s a breakdown of the agenda in a real basic flow:

Saturday and Sunday morning both have an optional, full body workout in the grand ball room from 7am – 7:30am with Stephanie Polluck and Chantel Glesman.  Doors will open 6:50a so you can come in and occupy some space!  The workout is suitable to all levels, and if you have any injuries or concerns, be sure to let the one of the coaches know.

Then get back to your room and shower if need be, grab a bite, and get ready to come in when doors open at 8:00am with your swag bag.

Let the show begin!

Saturday’s theme is “finding self love through the eyes of our sisters” and Sunday’s theme is “inner reflection; learning tools to empower yourself from within”.

On both days, from 9am until roughly 1pm, we’ll have mainstage speakers interspersed with activities and opportunities to learn and grow. After lunch Saturday, we’ll have a fun section of movement called Wrestle Mania which will include a series of stations for you to experience some laughs and learning, whilst getting your body warmed up, along with your goddamn smiles!

After that, the workshops will commence.  We have Rose Namajumas teaching MMA on one side of the room, and the Deadlift & Stronggrrrl workshop on the either, with Meg Squats (along with her Bodybuilding.com squad) doing the technicalalities of the deadlift and Britteny Raynor and her squad doing the stronggrrrl workshop.

Following the workshops after a short break, we’ll get straight into the competition series of the deadlift and stronggrrrl events!  These competitions, along with the workshops, are designed for all levels, and provide an excellent opportunity for those of you who’ve always wanted to “check out” strength sports, but never felt comfortable enough to just rock up to a facility or step foot into a “gym”.  Whether you’ve never touched a barbell or sandbag before, or even walked onto the mats at an academy, all workshops are suited for the freshest of newbies, or the most vintage of pros.

After the competition series is over, we’ll roll into a dinner break.

For our VIG ticket holders, dinner will commence upstairs in one of the conference rooms at the Golden Nugget.  You’ll be advised upon arrival where that will take place, and dress attire is come as you are.

Take some time to eat, chill, and process your learnings from the day, then get ready to glam it up and walk the red carpet for our documentary premier!

From 9p, we’ll have the red carpet and media set up for the documentary cast, crew, celebrity guests, VIG and OG ticket holders will have access included in their ticket. Following the documentary, the night is yours to either crack on or get to sleep.  But be advised that Sunday is even more powerful than Saturday, so highly recommend you get a good night sleep. 

Sunday’s workshops will be a choice of:

-KO: teen time (for 11 year olds up to 19, join me in the Penthouse for 1.5 hour life changing talk and activity!)
-self defense with the Ramos sisters
-body confidence (a triad of dance: belly dancing, sexy chair dance, and twerking!)
-plant based living with Jacq from Get Planty
-NHA intensive with Andrea Parker (following her mainstage keynote on NHA. Highly recommended for mothers or Administrators working with high functioning children.  However, this valuable information is applicable to all relationships)

Following our workshops, we’ll again have a dinner break and then reconvene for our final closing keynotes, and event: Our grrrl + grrrl wedding!!!!  

Following Lizzie and Suz’s wedding, there’ll be an optional celebratory event on site, with us wrapping up the event with an ETA of 7:30pm Sunday night.

Now, for our OG ticket holders:

Monday morning, you will report to my Penthouse and join me along with Felicia Searcy, for a life changing series of experiences.

Upon checking in, you’ll find out the details of what Penthouse to report to onsite, with hair and makeup ready for your mini boudoir shoot with Bridget Raftery which will happen upstairs, while the rest of us drink mimosa’s, eat fruit, and get to know each other’s story on a deeper level.

After our morning session, we’ll have a beautiful catered lunch, then  spend the afternoon with Felicia diving deep into a 3 hour workshop on exploring and understanding how to create your ultimate dream life, followed by our final activity of axe throwing at Axehole (which is a few blocks down from the Golden Nugget) from 3-4:00pm, with the facitility rented out to us grrrls!  After the exhilarating axe extravaganza, we’ll head back for hugs, pictures and farewells, until we meet again.

So that is it my sisters.  Prepare to have one of the best weekends of your life, and we’ll see you soon.  Let the countdown BEGIN!


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