Hey everyone!  GRRRL Clothing is nothing without you. The history of this amazing brand starts with your personal GRRRL story! I am making it my mission to share your stories by featuring one special GRRRL each month!  Lets see what  Katherine had to say in this our first edition of #GRRRLtalk.

Spunky: How did you discover GRRRL?

Katherine: I can’t remember exactly 100%, but, I think it started with Instagram. I bought GRRRL leggings after I had a beautiful pair of expensive video game leggings by another company not live up to the expectation. I had seen several GRRRLS on Instagram wearing the leggings and for months I tried to justify buying a pair. Then I saw someone participating in the same running challenge that I was involved with (zombies Run) wearing a pair of GRRRL leggings. I decided that I deserved a reward for completing my goals. The Next Level style of leggings dropped and I bought them and fell in love.

Spunky: Do you remember the first GRRRL item you wore?

Katherine: The Next Level SuperShero leggings. I didn’t take them off for 3 days.

Spunky: What made you want to become part of this movement?

Katherine: I saw so many GRRRLS with an incredible passion for fitness. No matter what sport they were involved in and they were my size!. A lot of the women in my gym are very petite so, being exposed to other women with huge thighs was amazing to me and inspiring. I now follow so many women on Facebook and instagram because of GRRRL and the private Facebook group. It’s  genuinely one of the best feelings when I see another GRRRL post about a new Personal Best. I also love reading about women overcoming their obstacles.The group is extremely supportive and I feel like all of these female warriors are my family. I have never in my life had that available to me.

Spunky: How did finding GRRRL change your life?

Katherine: Finding GRRRL inspired and encouraged me to compete in my sport. I’m healthier, happier and generally able to do more stuff. I feel like my life is in a better place and I feel like I can stand my ground. I wish I had discovered GRRRL back when I was a teacher. I feel it would’ve given me the guts to stand up to the horrible bullying that was going on in the school.

Spunky:  What would you say to other women out there right now? What do you think they need to hear?  

Katherine:It’s tough out there right now. The planet is not happy (it’s having a bit of a hot flush). Keeping our spirits up is tough. But we are stronger, we are better and we will not only survive but we will thrive!


Our clothes won’t change the world. But, the women who wear them will.

Much Love

Kelly aka Spunky

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