I Used To Be The Pretty Girl

I Used To Be The Pretty Girl 

I used to be the pretty girl that guys would talk to with ease,
I used to know how to use my smile and my body to tease.
I’m not talking about the girl before a punch took my smile,
I’m talking about the girl who stood tall and who wore the latest style.
She would never let someone knock her down.

I used to be the pretty girl that everyone knew in town,
The girl who would refuse to give in,
Knowing that what the dickhead asked of her was a crime and a sin.
Her lips wouldn’t be afraid to say no,yes,maybe, whatever he didn’t want to hear.
I used to be the pretty girl who would never let someone keep her prisoner for years,
Always begging for the anger and nasty words to stop,
I was that pretty girl who wasn’t listened to by the cops.
I’m trying to be that pretty girl again,

The broken smile I will wear proudly because I took off his ring and began.
I can be that pretty girl because I made the risky and dangerous dive,
But there are so many pretty girls who never make it out alive.
This pretty girl will hold her head high with its missing whites,
Because I’m remembering what exactly are my personal rights.
And I will be that pretty girl again someday,
You beautiful people are helping me find my way!

Kathy Hardman 


3 thoughts on “I Used To Be The Pretty Girl”

  1. I am so glad I met you Kathy and I am proud of you grrrl ❤️ You are not pretty you are beautiful inside/out

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