Women bear children. Her function dwells on reproduction…becoming a mom. If you have forgotten this important role, do not fear strangers, family, friends, and acquaintances will serve as personal reminders. “Oh honey you are going to have beautiful children” or “you are going to make a great mother.”

Society defines women’s successes by the spawn generated from our uteri. If one child strays away and follows the road not taken, their mother has failed.

Rewind. What happens when a woman cannot fulfill society’s role? She becomes tainted goods. No, no a female must have children that is their main purpose. Culture offers options to fix the defect: surgery, hormones, egg harvesting, surrogate,  implementation of eggs from another properly working lady. Children are the biggest accomplishment of your life.

FUCKING. PAUSE. I am my biggest accomplishment. Society casts the label misfit. I embody the title warrior. Men view me as dysfunctional where as I view them as unequipped to handle a fierce, independent woman not defined by reproduction. I am not a deficiency. I am Chelsea Cullen.

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  • Margo Robredo

    Reading this moved me. Back in the day I was a power-lifter (brief stint in college), I never did fully embrace what I had accomplished. I have always walked in life aimlessly looking for myself. When I became a mother (of two) that seemed to place me square in what I was raised and told I’d be as a Latina despite being the first to move on and go to college. Today, at 50, I’m still trying to define the “Self”. Reading these words put some of my feelings of long ago an even today, in perspective. I desperately could have used these words and motivation as a young girl but I’ll take them just the same today.
    Thank you for inspiring young and older minds.


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