GRRRL is proud to offer you an exclusive invitation to a ground-breaking, world class event that will change everything. We will help you break free from the noise, negativity and self-doubt that is holding you back from achieving your potential, and help you to break free to become the woman you want to be.

Join GRRRL CEO Kortney Olson, world class athletes, world renowned experts, peerless practitioners, and the GRRRLARMY sisterhood for a two day immersive event that will shift your perceptions and give you the tools to make a dramatic and positive impact on your life and your ability to achieve your dreams.


Kortney is a national champion athlete and gender equality advocate, currently the MFCEO of GRRRL clothing and GRRRL live.

“Whether you know me as Australia’s first female arm wrestling champion, or you’ve seen me on the TV or YouTube smashing watermelons…. I LOVE the woman I have become. Through body dismorphia, drug and alcohol addiction, rape, eating disorders, depression… cough syrup… you name it – I’ve seen it all. And for all of it, I am grateful. I choose to see my glass as half full of lemon juice, because life has given me plenty of lemons. You know what I do with those lemons? Make a motha f**kin detox drink and slam it back like no ones business. Life and people are not what and who they pretend to be. We all have a story. I look forward to sharing mine with you”


Rose is number 4 in the world in the UFC strawweight rankings, and has been working with GRRRL since our launch.

Rose feels her life has been made up of as many good experiences as bad ones. Her parents escaped the Soviet Union regime in Lithuania as refugees to America, but her father couldn’t be in her life because of his schizophrenia and died when Rose was 16.
“My mom did everything to take care of my brother and me. I’ve witnessed everything in my neighborhood and schools – robbery, arson, homicide, abuse, and even suicide. I don’t want to sound like a sob story, but “to live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.”


Ella is a world famous endurance athlete.

Her story, told through her best selling book All Things Ella, is the story of a young girl who faced with adversity at an early age, courage, and one woman’s fight against the darkness.

From breaking her back in two places and struggling to get back to functioning as a school age athlete, then becoming and almost losing her life to bulimia. Ella Kociuba’s honesty with her struggle sheds light on the power of fighting the good fight, the true nature of just how scary an eating disorder can get and her rise against it. Her message is a simple one, “Don’t ever give up on yourself”.


Cris is one of the world’s best known female athletes, and has overcome so many obstacles inside and outside the Octagon. Hear about Cris’ amazing life and journey, and the tools and techniques she has used to defeat some of life’s toughest challenges and how she has developed a mental toughness that the world admires.


Krista Scott Dixon is a PHD qualified expert in nutrition, Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D. is an author, speaker, and filmmaker who is internationally recognized for her work on the image of women in advertising, and Joan Cameron is A former Varsity Gymnast, scholar athlete, and young MBA graduate at the University of Oregon, for the past eleven years, she has focused on making use of significant breakthroughs in psychology and behavorial science to assist individuals and organizations establish a mindset for success – and particularly to overcome self-limiting beliefs to achieve extraordinary results and performance while maintaining happiness, health and wellbeing./p>


GRRRL is proud to offer you an exclusive, DIGITAL, invitation to a ground-breaking, world class event that will change everything. We will help you break free from the noise, negativity and self-doubt that is holding you back from achieving your potential, and help you to break free to become the woman you want to be.

OG tickets are our ultimate package for only 30 GRRRLs, and feature not only entry to both days AND the VIG experience, but a complete extra day on the 22nd, MMA workout with a top level MMA pro, leg workout with kortney and ella, a meet and greet with CT Fletcher, and a day’s small group, personal development and unique experiences.

Free exclusive GRRRL merchandise, lunch with Kortney, individual and group self development with Joan Cameron, a 1 hour pamper session and the ULTIMATE 1 hour personal development experience that will be something you have NEVER experienced. This will be the day of a lifetime.

The VIG package include tickets for the 2 days of the event, premium seating at the event, as well as a meet and greet with GRRRL athletes, an exclusive designed shirt, and an exclusive cocktail function on Saturday night. Only 200 VIG tickets are and will be available for the whole event.


Our team has put together the most amazing weekend experience to help radically shift your life.To help you break free.

Not only will you meet your fellow grrrlarmy members, but you will also learn the tools to set yourself free from everything that’s been holding you back.

Every grrrl that comes will walk away from this weekend more empowered, at peace, and ready to rip shit up!

The types of things we’ll cover are the causes of negative beliefs and self sabotage, tools to help shift beliefs and create positive outcomes in our lives and achieve our potentials, emotional eating and nutrition, body acceptance, mind clearing techniques and guides to personal resilience.

There is seriously too much on to even BEGIN to give you a picture of what to expect. Hold onto your panties bitches, because shit’s about to get real.