GRRRL:LIVE! is back for its 3rd year... Bigger, Badder, Stronger

We’ve got quite the line-up already, and know without a doubt that the old saying, “The third time’s a charm!”, is SO LEGIT! GL19 will be our third GRRRL:live and we know it’ll be our best yet!

After two years of GL, we’ve listened and learned and GL19 is going to be STACKED with workshops, breakouts, along with a sprinkle of riveting keynote speakers.

One of the GREATEST things about GRRRLlive, is the support of true, life -long friendships. This year we will FULLY bring the sisterhood and #notyourcompetition to the next level.

Thanks to our Indiegogo supporters, we will, for the first time ever, offer you the option to become trained in a dissonance based learning program called ‘The GRRRL Project’ to take back into your communities and help create impactful change, as well as build your network and feel the support and love from women all around the world.


Friday, 31 May

6pm-7pm: Welcome and ‘RIP SHIT UP!’ opening talk with MFCEO & Krissy Mae Cagney. KO and Krissy will FULLY demonstrate how women are #notyourcompetition and fully capable of melding energies together to create unstoppable forces of power to co-create a new world.

7pm-9pm: Cocktail dress mingler. At our very own rooftop, star gazing spectacular bar. OR NextGen grrrls gathering with MFCEO. Ages 11-18 will come with KO to join forces and prepare for the weekend, together as leaders of the future!

10pm-12am optional outing to The Strip to learn about sex trafficking with @sistersofthestreets

Saturday & Sunday, 1-2 June

Morning workouts 6:45am -7:45am

A brief overview of some of the Workshops & Speakers we have already lined up:

  • Learn how to become a facilitator for The GRRRL Project. And run grrrl meet ups. Straight up creating grassroots level change!
  • Janne Robinson: The Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  • Rose Gracie: Brazilian JiuJitsu MasterClass and comp
  • Meg Gallagher: Powerlifting MasterClass and comp
  • Dr Carolyn Becker: Stress management and sleep
  • Debbie Lichter: Freedom from food addiction
  • Isah Maazing: Kettlebell 101
  • Heather MacDonald: Highland Games clinic
  • Erin Brown: Channeling Your Inner Queen
  • Clara Baldwin & Gretchen Hoffer: ASL American Sign Language
  • Janae Kroc: Living & Understanding Gender Fluidity
  • Andrea Parker: Nurtured Heart Approach
  • Dani Crain: Present your PhD …
  • Meditation & Mindfulness: tips & tools for emotion regulation
  • Financial & Debt management
  • Kundalini Yoga / POUND Fitness / Hula /much much more!


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See you in Vegas




GRRRL:LIVE experience

I went to GL18 and I learned so much. The first thing I noticed was that the clothing is a way to identify my sisters. But the friendships are more important. I learned it’s okay to 100% be myself, and I will be accepted because of my authenticity. My confidence has soared. A price can’t be placed on empowered women.

I’ve spent my whole life feeling judged and looked down upon when surrounded by women. Like I was never enough to fit the norm. And then I went to GL18 and I finally felt what it’s like to walk into a room full of women and feel a wave of love and acceptance, rather than competitive judgement. I made lifetime friends with women who, before that weekend, I have never met. I found the woman that I used to be and the woman I want to move toward becoming. And I will forever owe that to GRRRL and GL18. I have every intention of being at every GRRRL:LIVE that follows!

The grrrl who board the plane was not the same grrrl who came back home. Not only did I make lifelong friends, I was surrounded by nothing but love and empowerment – which money can’t buy! I am learning how to love myself and truly be happy. I am much more productive, because, well… life is short. I am coming back for GL19  ready for more growth. CAN’T WAIT!

GL18 was the first GRRRL event I had ever attended, yet going there and seeing the #grrrlarmy felt like going home. Being able to walk up to a crowd of complete strangers and feel welcomed and supported, it was something very new and different for me. And it is something I will never forget. We were able to bond and share some pretty deep dark stuff and always get a hug whenever needed. The speakers were awesome and I learned so many things – way too much to go into here…I already have tickets for #GL19

Let’s get real. I met KO about 2 months after almost attempting suicide. She pulled me in, heard my story, and told me to get my ass to Vegas. Sponsored my tickets. Two panic attacks. Flying alone for the first time as an adult. And the weekend changed my life. It’s still changing me. I have made lifelong friends who impact my life on the daily. I bought my GL19 tickets the day  they released. You will not find anyone else like her. She sacrifices herself to cause a ripple effect that is touching so many souls. I might not have made it this far without her and her movement.

We’re gonna have a stellar line-up of inspiring speakers & talented athletes, and some amazing workshops that will change your life! 
Come meet your fellow GRRRL Army members and feel the incredible support of the sisterhood in person as you get the tools you need to transform your life, find your purpose, and pursue your dreams.
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Event Details

Date & Time: 

1-2 June, 7AM to 7PM



Palms Casino Resort

4321 West Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas,

Nevada 89103, USA