Ali Ludwig

Ali is a rising star for the USA Weightlifting’s national team, and is the current and first ever USA 90kg national champ. 24 years old, half Korean, half German, 5’9″ Ali is an Olympic weightlifter.

Growing up she dabbled in a variety of sports, all the way from tennis and water polo, to gymnastics and figure skating. Her most cherished sport however, would have to be volleyball, which she played all throughout High School, both for the varsity team, as well as a club team.

Ali crossfitted for about a year after graduation, before deciding to switch over to Olympic weightlifting, where she fell in love with the notion of “lift heavy shit”. Since then, it’s been game over for Ali, and she hasn’t stopped lifting full-time for a over a year and a half now.

“I love love LOVE anything and everything to do with the beach, music (ALL types), FOOD, babies, as well as people who evoke passion and inspire. Things I dislike are alarm clocks, poor spelling, people who don’t squat below parallel (other than those who physically can’t), and close mindedness”.

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