Amenah Razhegi

Amenah is a strength athlete and current IPL world record holding powerlifter. She started with the sport of strongman, and is currently competing in raw powerlifting meets. Growing up, her family would only identify endurance athletes as “athletes”. However, while she knew she was physically strong, there was no outlet for her strength. So it wasn’t until a bit later in life that she discovered her passion.
“I’ve always been an active person. From hiking and gardening, I’ve always generally been an outdoorsy person, but I never had a sport, or a focus. As I finished up nursing school, I found the barbell…and I fell in love with it! I loved how lifting made me feel. I love doing things I never believed possible, helping others achieve their goals, and the shared excitement and camaraderie with my fellow competitors. I feel stronger minded, stronger hearted, and stronger bodied every day.”
Amenah has won three strongman competitions, a powerlifting competition, competed at America’s Strongest Woman twice, and the Arnold International Strongman Championships. Most recently she deadlifted 451 pounds at The Reebok Record Breakers powerlifting meet.
“I compete as a super heavy weight in both sports. By supporting others in the gym, at competitions, and sharing a bit of myself on social media, I have found a strong connection with tons of other women. I feel I am blossoming at the age of 37, and feel more empowered and confident than ever before. I am so fortunate and excited to be on the GRRRL Team. I hope to inspire and encourage others to find what makes them feel stronger and more joyful than they ever dreamed possible!”

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