Heidi Cordner

Heidi is a pro, world champion armwrestler  in the WAL, the largest pro armwrestling league in the USA. She is just an inspiration to us on so many levels, teaching by day and being 10000% badass by night.

Heids went to her first tournament in 2002, but started training more seriously in 2013. She trains with her team, the Toronto Arm Crushers.

“My dad and two younger brothers arm-wrestled with me growing up from a young age. In high school, I played basketball, volleyball and was on the swim team. In college, I remember arm-wrestling a lot, but never knew I could compete in it. Now, I’m obsessed!

My competitive nature keeps me wanting to get better and better. Although I was very shy as a teenager, becoming a teacher put me in a position where I had to face my fears of being in front of a crowd. That was also something I had to overcome when I started competing. I feel very fortunate to live in Southern Ontario, where there is a very high caliber of experienced and accomplished pullers.  The team I train with, the Toronto Arm Crushers, is very dedicated and hard-working. They keep pushing me to reach higher goals.  And there isn’t enough to be said about the “Armwrestling Family” around North America and the World!”

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