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GRRRL:LIVE  is back in Las Vegas in June 2019 for its 3rd year. We’ve got an amazing line-up that will help you make the breakthroughs you want, create best bonding moments with #grrrlarmy, tackle your barriers,  and achieve your absolute potential! Read up what our GRRRLs have to say here

The GRRRL Project Pilot Facilitator Program (50 tickets max) $49

Participate in our first ever pilot group-facilitator training, and learn how to run “The GRRRL Project” in your local community! The GRRRL Project is a dissonance-based, effective and proven intervention program developed by Dr Carolyn Becker and Dr Eric Stice to help teenage girls develop and adopt a body-positive attitude to teach them to become leaders in the future of our GRRRL revolution.  In partnership with N.E.D.A., open to 50 women, 18 years +, this intimate day will provide you with a certificate upon completion, and the confidence to go out and immediately start running small groups. The course is recommended for teachers, coaches, therapists, youth workers, and anyone else who anticipates mentoring teenage girls. Catered lunch will be provided.

Thirty million people in the United States will struggle with a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their lives. Prevention and early intervention efforts aimed to increase body acceptance can reduce disordered eating symptoms as well as help to create an environment that encourages healthy recovery. Numerous studies have linked exposure to prevalent “appearance ideal” in mass media to body dissatisfaction and disordered eating.

Research has shown when women/girls talk about the “appearance-ideal” (sometimes referred to as the thin-ideal, beauty-ideal, or cultural-ideal) portrayed in the mass media, and discuss how to challenge pressures to conform to these pressures, it makes them feel better about their bodies. One program that has repeatedly been shown to effectively reduce body dissatisfaction, negative mood, unhealthy dieting and disordered eating, is the GRRRL Project.


Backed by two decades of research and evaluation data, the GRRRL Project is a group-based intervention that provides a forum for women and girls to confront unrealistic beauty ideals and engages them in the development of healthy body image through verbal, written, and behavioural exercises. The GRRRL Project was developed by researchers at Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Oregon Research Institute, and has been delivered to over one million young women around the world.

The conceptual basis for the GRRRL Project is that if girls and young women voluntarily argue against the societal appearance-ideal, this will result in a reduced subscription to this ideal and to consequent decreases in eating disorder risk factors and eating disordered behaviours.


  1. Define the “appearance” ideal and explore its origin
  2. Examine the costs of pursuing this ideal
  3. Explore ways to resist pressures to conform to unrealistic standards of beauty
  4. Discuss how to challenge personal body-related concerns
  5. Learn new ways to talk more positively about our bodies
  6. Talk about how we can best respond to future pressures to conform to societal standards of beauty

General Admission $279

We know- MIND BLOWING VALUE. But of course we want you to have some spare cash to have fun, AND pick up exclusive gear, only to be released @GL19. We’ve already started designing grrrls….. Includes access to the general sessions, workshops, and speakers + GL19 Swag bag which includes garb you’ll be able to use, and reuse again and again.

NextGen/Guided Admission $199 (Ages 11-17)

Includes a printed, spiral bound 80 page copy of the Self Love Success Academy to be used in the exclusive workshop with MFCEO, KO- along with access to the online course for review after the event. Includes all access as General Admission.

VIG $699 (50 tickets MAX)

Early access to seating both days.

Catered meet & greet 1.5 lunch with speakers.($75 value)

SWAG Bag Deluxe! ($200 value)

OG $1299 (30 tickets MAX)

On TOP of the VIG events & swag:

Spend the entire day with the MFCEO learning epic things, doing epic things, and eating.

Enjoy PREMIER, PLUSH Swag that will never be reprinted.

After you slip on your cozy AF exclusive GRRRL lounge suit, start the morning learning how to be a badass, effective communicating ninja, whilst eating and sipping champagne. From the digs of the Penthouse, eat an amazing catered lunch to your taste, bond with your sisters, then head out to The Wreck Room and get ready for a two hour experience of your life where you can beat, bash, and bludgeon all of your energy and REALLY channel your inner GRRRL POWER.  (if you’re old enough, think of the scene out of Office Space where they destroy the printer with baseball bats!)

Photos, drinks, food, laughs, cry’s, and intimacy. This entire day will be filled with memories of absolute sheer f**king fun this year.

For full terms and conditions click here – https://www.grrrl.com/vegasterms/

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GRRRL Live is a 2-day, weekend investment in you. And we promise to be an UNFORGETTABLE experience. Meet and share your story with your sisters in the #GRRRLARMY from all over the world – hear some of the world’s best female empowerment speakers – get the awareness and tools to deal with ALL the crap that is holding you back from interactive sessions from 9a till 6p each day – hear some of the world’s most inspirational stories to give you the anchors to go back to every day – get the tools you need to break free and reach your potential – and meet inspirational GRRRLs, presenters and speakers.

With 28 workshops to choose from over the weekend, 2 in each of the 4 sessions, plus everything else, this is truly a priceless opportunity.

We’d love you to be there… so book your ticket today and score yourself a seat at the most important event of 2019.

We will be releasing special  deals, and AMAZING exclusive hotel discounts closer to the date.

See you in Vegas!!

Oh and it’s grrrls only. No boys allowed. #sorrynotsorry!


For full terms and conditions click here – https://www.grrrl.com/vegasterms/


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  1. Addie

    Wow! The GL19 conference was absolutely amazing and the best experience of my life. My aunt went with me and I couldn’t believe how happy she was and I’m looking forward for GL21! It will always be the greatest experiences. My mother and grandma want to go with me to GL21!

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