Didn't have time to read the full product description?  That's OK.  Just know that this tank is about showing your conscious decision to join the movement.  To become part of the #GRRRLARMY.  Made from the same softness and cut as our SQUAT tank, this tank will hold up through many workouts, washes, and hangouts.


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The #GRRRLARMY is strictly here for one purpose: empower and support our fellow grrrlfriends.

In a world where the cards are stacked against us as females, we choose to band together and build bonds so we may persevere out there. 

We do not play into the gender stereotypes. 

We use our network to ask questions, inspire each other, and network.  We aim to create real bonds, and will ultimately all endeavour to meet up in person at one big-ass gathering at the end of the 2016 year. 

We are a pack – if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us-

Although most of us will still have judgment towards other women, we keep it to ourselves.  We realise that this is the way society has conditioned us from birth, and undoing this behaviour takes a conscious effort. 

Any grrrl can join the GRRRLARMY.  There are no boys allowed.  Not because we believe in exclusion, but rather, believe in putting laser focus into all issues pertaining to being female.  Then, once united, we can broaden our focus to both genders.

We do our best to refrain from talking about religion and politics when possible, except when matters pertain to Women’s rights.  Again, the aim is to unite us, not find issues that potentially divide us. 

We accept and aim to always remember that we are neither better than, nor less than our fellow members, and that we are ALL created equal. 

Our vision includes grrrls finding other local grrrls in their immediate area, and start kicking ass together in person.

United we stand.  Divided we fall.

ONE for ALL.

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