We Stay Humble 2.0 Jersey Muscle Tank


We all know that @ GRRRL, one of our guiding key principles is to stay humble. We’re no better than, and no less than anyone. We know our place in the world, and whilst we can semi-quietly appreciate our greatness, we also recognise greatness in all of our fellow grrrlfriends.

We recognise that there will ALWAYS be someone ‘better than’ us at something, and we better than someone else. Therefor, we can only compete against who we were yesterday. To stay grounded, #westayhumble

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At GRRRL, remaining humble is an important principle. We know that we will always be better than someone else, and someone will always be better than us. The only real competition we have, is competing to be a better version of the person we were yesterday.
Our brand new jersey muscle tanks are an exciting fresh piece to add to your personal GRRRL range! With the versatility of dressing up or down, these jersey tanks are great to wear in beast-mode activity, or in the streets!

The fit is lose, and only leaves a 4″ open space in the armpit. The jersey material is airy and best paired with the Best Value G Sports Bra underneath. ‎


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