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What Should You Be Saying To Your Kids Everyday?

What Should You Be Saying To Your Kids Everyday? Teen Whispering 101: A parent asked me “what’s the number one thing I should be telling my daughters every day besides the obvious stuff like ‘I love you’ etc” After answering with a quick reply, I felt like I was doing her a disservice and needed

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Feb 11th: You’re Going To Marry YOURSELF!

So what is all this talk of “International Day of Self Love”? Formerly known as Valentine’s Day, International Day of Self Love is a chosen day to recognise and honor yourself as your numero uno in life.  In 2016 we rolled out the idea once we realised that there wasn’t a SINGLE calendar day that

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Creepy IG Dudes, Or Lonely Man?

A post shared by patrick ritter (@patrickritter2777) on Dec 31, 2017 at 9:43pm PST   So check this out… On my IG I have a WAZOO of messages in my DM request folder.  I used to go in there once a month and have a scout for grrrls reaching out, but now I attempt to

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