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Let’s Talk About Judgement…

I’ve had several random conversations with different people lately about language, how we use it, how we interpret it, and the challenges people face when they are bi or multi-lingual. I was delving into this topic with a friend of mine who spent his childhood in Greece and moved to Australia at the age of

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Facebook can be a bitch sometimes

You know those memories that Facebook likes to flash up for you now and then? Sometimes it’s good, you think awwww yeah, I remember that, THANKS Facebook and you hit share as you basque in the glow of your fabulous memory.  Then there’s the ones that slap you in the face, the ones you look

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The Sound of Silence

Fads sweep through the “wellness” industry like nobody’s business. If you paid attention to all the spruikers, you’d be drinking your shake while squirting water up your bum, popping some pills, sweating it out in a sauna, wrapping yourself in plastic…oh no wait, plastic’s toxic, let’s try clay instead, juice fasting (or if you’re really

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Pricks, pills & scales…

I have a confession to make…my body is completely whacked!! At times I find it  amusing, sometimes annoying, mostly intriguing. Ok, maybe time for a little context…I have made some TERRIBLE choices over the past 10 or so years! Yes, everything happens for a reason and yes, our past shapes our present but, I think

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Questioning the Crazy

I am constantly fascinated by the crazy. Not just my crazy, EVERYONE’S crazy! I know you know the crazy I’m talking about, it’s that thing that happens when you choose something you know is going to have the complete opposite effect of whatever it is you’re working towards – in any area of life! I’m

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