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A Public Apology For Posting A Picture Of Your Dick

This, is a public apology for posting a picture of your dick. Because I live that ‘spiritual life’, I’m responsible for my actions.  I take regular inventory of myself and call myself on my bullshit when necessary. Dick pics.  Lets talk about them. Now some of you may have noticed I turned my messages off

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Cellulite: We All Have It

If you’re not A) A woman or, B) A human being then you might not have cellulite. But, chances are, you are both, therefor rending you with some amount of dimple or ripple.  Some of us have more than others.  Diet, genetics, and level of activity all play a part in the amount.  For myself,

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How I Started A Clothing Company: Manifestation

How I started a clothing company is not a simple feat.  Let me tell ya! But, what I can say, is I NEVER saw it turning out the way that it has today.  You see, the problem we have when chasing our dreams, is that we give up simply because things don’t turn out the EXACT way

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  I’ve blogged about this a while back.  But apparently I need to write about it again.  Probably because I spent so many years of my life in the dark in regards to HOW powerful language and spoken word can be, especially on a subconscious level.  Come to think of it, I believe the last

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Learn Photoshop In 30 Seconds

Ladies and Gentlemen…. I present to you….. a ticking time bomb. I don’t have the patience, nor heart to write this blog right now.  But I’ve got to get this out.  My hope is that every parent, every sibling who has a younger sister (or brother for that fact- boys are just as high at

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