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I hate food posts, but….

I promise this will be one of the FEW food posts I write on here! I hate food blogs as I am NOT a foodie at all! I just NEEEEED to clear up some thangsssss!  Since my weight loss comparison pic, I’ve had an influx of people messaging me, asking about my food and recipes

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What happens when the guy you’re seeing just ‘CAN’T’? PART 1.

‘Find a man who treats you like a queen.’ – A statement girls everywhere out there tell their girlfriends, and their girlfriends tell them… But what happens when a guy your seeing just CAN’T? He’s just not that into you? Or maybe there’s some underlying reason…   Meeting (or, to be more specific, catching feelings

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What do your standards say about you?

Never allow the opposite sex (or your ‘love interest’ whether you be straight, gay or bi-sexual) determine your self worth. Please, just don’t.  First of all, anyone making shitty, cop out excuses is never worth your:  time, energy or tears (especially when, as a woman, I pay $58 for a mascara.) stop giving away your

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