About us


We are here for those who’ll follow: The teenager who thinks she’s too fat. The 10-year old ‘encouraged’ to take up gymnastics when she really loves football. The baby girl who was born as you read this sentence. We’re making their path smoother. As our path today was made easier by those who fought before us. Generation after generation of badass women who’ve helped us get here today.


Every ceiling we shatter, every opinion we change, every rule we un-write is one the next generation won’t have to deal with. We believe in a world that is so much more than one with equal rights, although that’d be a good start. We believe in a world where women can be truly free. Free to have an education, free to have sexual self expression, free from racism, free from domestic violence, free from the oppression of negative self image, free from religious persecution. Free to be who they want to be, when they want to be, how they want to be. Free to be themselves. With no limits.

We are Unstoppable We are Unlimited

We’re not fighting you. We’re fighting for the freedom of women. We are not what you say we can be, that’s for us to decide. We dance, We kick, We are floral, We punch, We are pink, We are tattooed, We lift, We like unicorns. We like glitter. We like trucks. We can be all the things you say we can be, and all the things you say we can’t. Don’t you worry about us getting too big or too strong, or too fast or too full ourselves. You do you. We’ll do us. We aren’t doing this for you. But if you support us, then we am doing it for us. You, us, we are unlimited.

Our Vision

To bring together an army of women to fight for each other, like family, to collectively create a world where women are free and liberated to be their best versions of themselves. Regardless of ethnicity, body type, beliefs, religion or abilities.

Take The Pledge With us


Providing women opportunities to be connected and provide a platform for each and every one of them to use their personal experience as a means to empower other women and liberate future generations.

We will do that in a number of ways

*GRRRLARMY – an online community where women across the globe can network with others in their sport or passion, and build local groups/relationships where they organise and gather regularly to share their experiences, teach each other new skills, find ways to reach their potential, and feel unconditional love and connection. In this community women can share their story and find others who have been or are going through similar situations, knowing that they are not alone, and to share powerful tools and information with each other to find support and recovery.

*GRRRL Live – an annual event where women come together globally to learn tools to empower the lives of themselves, their communities and their families. A springboard to elicit radical change.

*GRRRL Partners – partnering with strategic charities to help bring change through specific communities. (NEDA, BTSDV)

*GRRRL Factories– Strategic planning to open factories in developing world countries to employ and empower women of all backgrounds with good paying wages, and giving them pathways out of unpalatable alternatives.

*GRRRL Media– Employing honest advertising that represents all body types in fashion without the use of photoshop or airbrushing, and with no bias to ethnicity, background, belief or ability.

We Are GRRRL... It's time to change the game

Here are the promises we make to our customers and society, that we want to be held accountable for:


We stand to celebrate, admire and appreciate ALL body types. We stand to erase the dogma that our worth is equated to our exterior. And, that being anything other than a size extra small is an abnormality.


We vow to employ honesty in our advertising and allow our models the option of wearing makeup or wearing their soul. It’s their choice not ours. It is our STRONG belief that a woman has 100% of the decision making power over how she looks.


We will NEVER ever photoshop images of our athletes or models in our advertising or on our website. Whilst we may photoshop a tag sticking out or put a logo on a background – we will NEVER EVER airbrush, photoshop or otherwise manipulate what other companies and media outlets see as “imperfections”. Women are perfection already. Period. We believe women have more important things to worry about than conforming to media stereotypes of what they should or should NOT look like. For too long the fashion industry has misled women about how other women look. Our athletes come from all walks of life and represent everything that is powerful and amazing about female beauty. And we will never resort to using computer programs to make them look different, just so we can sell a few more T shirts or pairs of pants.


We are GRRRL: Independent. Strong. And sometimes borderline aggressive. May you hear the GRRR in our name, and undoubtedly know that this is our force by nature: To protect and attack for our pack. Our hood. Sometimes our language might get a bit passionate or offensive to some people. Just because we care so much. (But we do have a swear jar. And for every GRRRL that complains about our language we will give $5 to our two non-profit partners).


We are for the GRRRL Sisterhood: All for one and one for all. We will raise up and celebrate everything great about being a woman, and use our position not just to celebrate the great things but to also make a difference in the world.

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